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20 March 2011

is another 2

In previous post, i said wana share something right? so sorry i cant make it in this post, cause still waiting my sista for the complete 1... :)
So blog about my recent birthday partey first ok? apologize that is a birthday post again =.= i dint want to, all about the birthday month tho~!
First come is my dad's birthday on 14/03, whole family went to dinner! A sea view restaurant~ nice night view opposite (the island) ^^
Sista bought a mine size cake for dad! Apparently this is a good idea~ hah! cause in our family no one likes cake! So the small 1 will do~
I got 3 sisters and 1 brother, well all of them married already! hehe left me...I see my sisters kids getting bigger, last time they were just little babies...blink of an eye, there are now schooling and even in high school period already! omg!! I need to accept the fact that im really getting older and older T.T

yea yea~ some are still baby! love'em 
happy birthday papa, i love u 
she likes candies...that's why.... =.=
my sis always said she looks like me :)
the pattern gao gao 1 
do we look alike?! hehe

Okay! Here comes another birthday celebration 18/03 ~ is a friend from bkk, a lovely girl! This also her farewell party too! She going back to bkk d :(
Party held in Northam Hotel...met some long time no see friendss~ Nothing much to say...picture will tell! :)
there the birthday girl Sand Saii 
yay!! with my 
Sand Saii's beloved :)
everyone look here please! 
pen ohhh pen! 
hey! is nicole~
nick & penny
zane & egg

Grandmother Story Ends~ 


MaxC Chin Wei said...

You have pretty family. ;D

sweetly wenyee said...

your niece alike you lo... :D

mont said...

max: thank u yaa :)
wenyee: i also felt they all look like me! :P

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