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11 April 2018

Rouge G de Guerlain

Was such a pleasure to get invited by Guerlain to the launch of Rouge G last week. The whole event was about their very first customizable lipstick case with double mirror design 😍!
In total of 15 ultra stylish cases design and 30 new highly desirable shades to showcase! It was like heaven when you first step into the event place. Literally full of lipsticks and you can just play with all the shades as much as you want  👄👄👄

A little history to share about Rouge G. In 2009, under Olivier Echaudemaison's artistic direction, Guerlain presented Rouge G, a new kind of lipstick designed like a precious jewel that to this day remains one of the most luxurious ever crafted.

Find your shades, your case, your style 💋
In the 15 stylish design cases, you will definitely found the one you like and suits you best! All of the element for each cases is very unique. From the very classy Gold to very unique Animal Totem. I personally like the Marble Look the most. I even tried on a few shades but I cant tell which I like the most, they are just too pretty!
I bet its going to be the most stylish lipstick you ever have!

Me busy looking for my shade 😁

Look at em cases~~~

That happy face thou! A mirror full of signatures with Rouge G!

And guess what?! I bought home the all 6 cases and all of my fav shades!!

Designs including : The Original, K-Doll, French Mademoiselle, Néo-Gothic, Perfect Black, and lastly, Wild Jungle.

My name beautifully engraved on the mirror 💓 You can get yours done at the store too!

Like seriously, how can you resist these??

From left : 
No.21 Cherry Red
 No.65 Pearly Rosewood
 No.73 A Truly Vibrant Pink
 No.78 Plum
 No.71 Intense Pink
No.23 Dark Cherry

Picked 3 shade out of 6 to make a swatch because I have a surprise for y'all 😜 

No. 23 Dark Cherry *fav*

 No. 65 Pearly Rosewood

No. 78 Plum

What do you think of the shades? I kinda like them cause the color is so pigmented and lasting 😍
Head to my IG post to check on the SURPRISE i have for you all! 
Instagram : AnerlyFang

4 January 2018

It's our first year!

我視乎從未真正分享過我的婚紗照 😅  都一年了再不給你們看可能以後也不分享了。匆匆的一年就這樣過去了,嗯 還沒去度蜜月 😶 *我是講只有我們兩的蜜月*這一年來過得還可以 沒有太大的變化,在朱家生活得很開心,一家很和諧。朱爸爸 朱媽媽 朱妹妹們也對我很好。和朱先生感情也一樣,還是停留在婚前的狀況 哈哈 沒太大改變,就只是晚上床邊多了個很煩很煩的人!每晚逼我關燈,比例巴拉講個不停害我不能好眠!但煩得很可愛 💕

今天主要目的是分享下我這一年來的生活和想給你們看看我們在香港的婚紗照 😄  希望不會太遲 就當作為一週年寫下的紀錄吧!

不干涉彼此的工作是我們習慣的生活方式。當然重要事情還是會彼此商量給意見。我喜歡這樣的我們,沒有壓力但彼此在心中還是最重要的 💗

為什麼是香港?怎麼不去歐洲啊?我其實喜歡繽紛的香港,繁忙的街道我覺得很熱鬧!哈哈 我是一個喜歡熱鬧的人。其實當初是有想過要去曼谷還的,因為曼谷也是我很喜歡的城市。熱情的泰國人是我最喜歡曼谷的原因。還有那充滿創意的事物等。
但最後選擇香港是因為它是華人的地方,街上的招牌很美很忙碌。記得那是夏天,很熱很悶。幸好穿的是球鞋!哈哈 走了無數個街道,搭了好多趟的地鐵。很累但很幸福!

婚紗只有一件,因為我喜歡簡單輕鬆的。拍攝方式也比較casual。沒有太多的刻意的動作。走走拍拍很自然。可能因為攝影師是我們多年的好友 所以更加開心輕鬆!拍餓了就坐下來吃碗通心粉吧!吃著吃著也開始拍了起來 😄 你說好玩嗎?


6 December 2017

Have a cup of McCafé premium coffee

McDonald's has 35,000 restaurants worldwide, you can always find a McDonald's around you 😋 In Malaysia, nobody does it like McD. It's been always the first choice for a quick breakfast, fast lunch and also late supper.

Now, McDonald's Malaysia is rejuvenating McCafé as part of its commitment to bring the western espresso coffee to the masses by making high quality coffee easily accessible to everyone at exceptionally great value. What's better than having your favourite meal and coffee at the same time, or maybe drive-thru for your every morning coffee! 😍

McCafé coffee made of 100% premium quality Arabica beans, freshly grounded and handcrafted by trained baristas. Rich espresso coffee at great prices starting from RM5! *This is real* Who says premium quality coffee have to be expensive?!

McCafé is now available at McDonald's restaurant front counter and its drive-thru restaurants. Soon, we can also enjoy McCaféin the comfort of our homes through McDelivery service!  Well, this is only part of the great news!

Managing director and operating partner, Azmir Jaafar & Sr. Director for Marketing, Corporate Communications & InsightsMelati Abdul Hai at the ceremony

Local artist from Media Prima was there to join the excitement too!

I attended the launch of the new McCafé media launch in Shah Alam last Thursday, and I finally understand the goal of launching McCafé nationally. According the McDonald's Malaysia managing director and operating partner, Azmir Jaafar, McCafé is integral to McDonald's aspirations to make high quality premium coffee accessible to the masses. It is also to celebrate Malaysians' love for coffee by providing Malaysians with a convenient and rewarding experience while they enjoy their favourite coffee at McCafé

"As premium coffee culture catches on among the younger generation, it is an opportune time for McDonald's to ride this wave of excitement by growing the McCafé value proposition."

"We recognise that great tasting coffee need not be expensive and McCafé is all about providing an inviting, convenient and friendly atmosphere where people can savour their favourite cup of high quality premium coffee," he said.

Surely you spotted that the new cup design is Insta worthy! 

Coffee time with Karen 💗


My moment with high quality premium coffee at great value price 😊

Go to your nearest McCafé and enjoy your first premium coffee!