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20 September 2017

Breakfast at Ecc Coffee

It was 5 months since my last post 😰  I have to admit that social media apps is too convenient. But still, thanks for those who still reading my blog 😐

Was quite in the mood to blog today. Some update for you about my living. Im quite used to my new life now, its been more than 6 months now and near to first year  of our marriage.
Its such a blessing to wake up next to him every morning with a morning kiss 💏

We usually will go for breakfast to kick start our day! Breakfast is very very very important if you want to have a healthy body. I recently found a good place to have breakfast which serve you good coffee and ciabattas. I really love their coffee & fruit juices!

Hand written by the staff.
How cute!

Not sure if you recognise them 😁  They are ECC Coffee in Penang! Open daily 8:30am - 11:30pm. A ideal place to have your first meal of the day 💫  Ecc Coffee offers a broad range of beverages, pastries and cakes. 

Mocha Espressa for me & Mentina Espressa for him 

Ordered the Vege Lover Ciabatta. Every bite's full of freshness and happiness!

They serve in total of 5 different ciabatta, such as The Classic one that serve with butter or jam, Tuna Sensation with Tuna filling, Tomato & Chesse, Vege Lover and also Cheesy Ham with chicken ham and cheese. 

I actually tried both Vege Lover  and Tomato & Cheese. The Ciabatta are all hand-crafted and gives you the finest bite till your last bite! 

The ambiance was comfortable, you may drag your laptop here and stay for work! A good environment like this will definitely gives you more inspirations at work.

Hope that im not too early for cake 😆😆😆

If you are not a coffee person, you can give their Cioccolate (creamy dark cocoa) or Te Freddo (black tea) a try! I've try both actually ~ I love it! 

And guess what!! Lets just bring back the coffee or tea type you like! They have all the coffee & tea you can see in the menu. ECC Coffee knows you love to have coffee at home too 😎 ! Im picking some black tea back for the family to try, cause the papa loves tea! 

 As you can see, I picked a special flavour. The Lychee Te Freddo! Gonna try this out!

Address : Menara Gurney R-G-B1-2, Jalan Kelawai, Penang, Malaysia 10250
Official website :

21 April 2017


不曉得有多少年輕人和我們一樣,喜歡到一些比較貼近大自然的地方旅行?不是我不愛到大城市逛街賣東西,只是如果要我選的話,我會比較偏愛看看一些壯觀奇景多過於城市。這是我個人的喜好😃 當然城市有城市的美!反正我就愛去一些老人家愛去的地方就是了啦 😲

這趟是八天七夜的行程。山西省距離馬來西亞大概需要搭6個小時++的飛機 *不包括轉機*。飛機是從檳城飛往廣州,然後再轉山西,太原。太原是山西主要城市,附近有平遙古城。等等會再介紹 😊

之後需要程🚌 到五台山,車程大概3-4小時。五台山本來應該是春季了,可那裡的春季比某些國家的冬天還要冷😓  å¹¾ä¹Žæ¯å¤©éƒ½è™•æ–¼é›¶ä¸‹çš„狀態,還下雪*凍死寶寶喏*

基本上除了出乎意料的美景之外,我們看的都說古廟和古鎮。其實,在去之前我有稍微Google了一下五台山的照片,那是覺得其實還好,沒有想像的美。可是,跟我們這一團去旅行,不美的地方應該不會選吧 😶 反正就算了,去了才打算。因此我沒抱太大希望。
殊不知,還真 美! ç¿»! 了!


這是一家非常老字號的醋廠。生產的都說老岑醋,可你一定受不了那醋的刺鼻味!我都被訓導連呼吸都說酸的,眼睛也辣辣的!不行不行 我都要憋住氣才可以走出去。


再來,第二站。祁縣 å–¬å®¶å¤§é™¢。


一個我非常喜歡的地方!很有特色,而且年輕人也會喜歡。裡面令郎滿目的商店,酒吧等。是一個非常大的古城。不懂你們知不知道,中國最多的就是古城。相信我 每到一個地方 必定到古城逛逛!你一定會喜歡的~ 通常都會聚集很多年輕人在那裡 而且還有好多特色酒吧和咖啡廳 😍😍😍 在裡面如果要認真的逛的話,大概要3-4個小時。


 é›žè›‹ä»” + 冰淇淋 😋😋😋

這我不敢吃 🙊  è‡­è±†è…

For your info, 平遙古城對外開放。不收費的讓遊客觀光 😊


不好意思我忘了這是那間寺廟了 😥

這裏我記得!是水濤溝!可悲的是綿山沒有個別地方可以 Tag, 所以不是每個地方我都記得 😭


路途經過的一間寺廟。結冰的池塘好漂亮 😍



人生中第一次體驗下那麼大的雪 ⛄⛄⛄  oh no!! 完了造雪人~~~


五台山一共有五座山峰。(東台望海峰、南台錦繡峰、中台翠岩峰、西台掛月峰、北台葉斗峰)由於下大雪 基本上全部的山頂都關閉了。經過多番商量,當地警察才願意開岔口讓我們上山。我們只去了其中兩個山峰,東台和西台。
路途確實很危險,不過沿路美景實在太美太壯觀了!就好像電影裡的畫面~期待好像會有雪狐狸跑出來 😂😂😂

穿搭 🌝  
Coat from Zara
Bag from Charles&Keith 

在五台山的那四天幾乎都是在看寺廟而已。除了寺廟還是寺廟。可是能看到那些經過幾百年歷史還可以保留得那麼好的建築實在感動。以前人比我們厲害多了~ 還有,我們真的真的真的千萬要保護這些世界文化遺產。破壞了 就真的沒了。

下山前,來幾張路邊照。真的是在馬路邊拍的 😂

大同 懸空寺。天下巨觀就是這種~


山西 必到景點!

太原 大同 著名麵館。來吃晚餐還有看手工面表演。

接下來就到了回國時候~吃了那麼多天油膩膩的菜,是時候回去消消脂 😭😭😭
這趟旅行獲益良多。中國還是個不錯去的地方,有好多好多自然景觀值得你一看,來一次就夠了~ 我建議到中國比較冷門的地方還是尋求旅行社帶團比較方便。因為有些地方不是你想去就到得了的 還是需要當地人的配合比較安全。

期待下一次中國的巨觀旅行 😘