25 May 2016

Forever Young (Product Review)

I've heard a lot about FOREVER YOUNG lately, it's actually one of the well known skincare brand in Asia, especially in Thailand. Many celebrity are using it. The main selling point of this of this brand is that they mainly focus on brightening skin.
I'm so glad to get picked by the company itself to write a review for their products. I been wanting to try them for so long and finally im using them now! hehe I felt kinda sorry cause this post took me quite a long time to done >< I actually really do try on them for a month so that I can tell how is the feeling after using them.

I receive 2 products in total which also their popular product. 

Left : Boosting Mask 
Right : White Active Radiance 

Phytocelltec Alp Rose Facial Cell Boosting Mask.

I think the name is too long and hard to remember >< but u can always tell the name of Boosting Mask and i'm sure everyone calls it this way. It is actually some kind of sleeping mask where your skin cell can work with it while you're in sleep. I don't use it every night as I afraid that might too moisture for my skin. Alternately use with other products, usually apply 3 to 4 times in a week. 
The result is visible and i really see my face become brighter in the next morning!

It comes in gel / cream texture where is quite rich in moisture. Don't worry cause its super fast absorb. You won't feel sticky while you sleep :) Apply before bed and wash out with plain water on the next morning. The main effect of this boosting mask is, it may brighten your skin overnight, pore minimise, reduce dark spots, and acne.

White Active Radiance

This is a day & night protector. Use it during day and night :) The main effect is anti-aging, whitening, and pore minimized. The texture is more on gel type, its watery and easy to absorb. Besides, what I like about this product is that it will control oil during the day. Make up stays longer and lesser oil shine even stay up late. I use it every morning! Night time alternately use with other night cream. 

Both of the product are mainly made from florals, example like rose, waterlily, orchid and more. It's safe and full with plant's nourishment. I like skincare that comes with floral smells, especially rose. It works in calming and relaxing. Well you know we girl enjoy the moment when apply skincare right? Makes everything better! 

Did you know that orchid actually works the best effect in firming and skin tightening? White Active Radiance contains orchid extract where helps to firm up our skin in the most natural way and improve collagen synthesis as well. 

This is one of the customer feedback. Result is quite fast and obvious @.@ For my skin, what I can see is my skin turns out brighter these days and pores on my cheek doesn't seems so obvious anymore. I think it works quite ok to my sensitive skin anyway.

More info you can always reach them : 
FACEBOOK : Forever Young Skin
INSTAGRAM : Foreveryoungmsia

9 May 2016

APRILSKIN - Fav of the month

Not so into blogging these days cause social apps is too instant and convenient. Eventhou im not really in the mood to write a super long one, but at least im still typing LOL.
As you can see from the title of this post, its gonna be a cosmetic and make up entry :) Forgot since how long was my last post about make up =.=
APRILSKIN is a well-known cosmetic throughout the whole Asia! I seen their brand almost everytime I scroll my Facebook feed.
One of their famous product is the Magic Snow Cushion! I've seen so many youtuber been writing reviews about it and so, here comes mine! First time using it and all that I can say is the coverage is superb!! Din't know that it can be so high coverage! Never trust the video until I tried it on my own skin.

All product I got it from Bestever99. They provide really good service and really patient in replying my question LOL Thank you for sending me these products

APRILSKIN - Scarlet lip tint & Magic Snow Cushion

SPF50 + / PA+++ 

Magic Snow Cushion provides provides moisture and flawless coverage at the same time which is why I like it very much! Oh! Did I tell you that this Magic Snow Cushion is actually an award winning cushion and even introduced a various beauty programme.
This is me with the before and after result of Magic Snow Cushion. This is only one touch! Is like no need to overlap another layer anymore. Acne scars and redness gone in just one touch!!! 

This is usually how we apply bb cushion or cushion foundation. 

A little something about it and the color shades. Im using the #22 Pink Beige color. Not too fair and quite match with my skintone.

Another thing that I love about this product is that, it gives the instant dewy korean looking skin and its so moisture! I replaced this cushion with my foundation which dry-out my skin everytime I put on my skin. 

To me, the difference between foundation and  BB cushion is that foundation usually gives me the feeling of super thick layer that covers all my pores until my skin cannot breath, and I think this is the main reason that makes my skin so dry after remove. As for BB cushion or CC cushion gives a very thin layer and nourishment on my skin at the same time, this also prevent the oily and cakey feeling after a long day. 

Another product which I use it right after the cushion is this! The Magic Oil Lip Tint :) The color quite long lasting, but is just that I felt a little to glossy for me

Total 3 shades they have at this moment, mine is the red one :) 

It kinda good in creating a bouncy juicy lips thou hehe


Fav of the month!!! 

Last but not least, I made a short video of me using the Aprilskin Magic Snow Cushion where you can see the difference of before and after usage :) Hope you like it!

More info about Bestever99
Wechat: Bestever99
Simply follow and add their wechat for more Korean products!

18 March 2016

2016 九寨溝之旅 :)

既然是從小就聽過九寨溝那我當然也想來這裡看看~今年年頭我總於有機會去那裏旅遊。開心到一個星期沒睡好 科科。或許不是每個人都喜歡這種旅行,但我和他特別愛這一類型的自然景區。我們一起也在幾年前去過印度。沒別的,反正就是愛體會不一樣的行程。那當然我也喜歡台灣韓國這一類的購物城市~
話說回來,我其實還在想到底要不要分享這趟旅行,最後還是覺得跟大家分享了 因為有些景色我完全不能想像那是自然的 是真的!

路上遇見一群芼牛,身上雪白的毛髮 也太像假的了吧!遊客可以騎上牠們拍拍照,一次好像是 10元人民幣。

這後面一大片雪山,長這麼大第一次這麼近看雪山 <3


雖然路途遙遠艱辛,但是當我看到眼前的景色頓時覺得一切都是值得的。人生這麼短,一定要來一下這樣的旅行才值得!一路上還看見幾個村莊,裡面住的都是一些少數民族比如像是藏族還有羌族等...他們都是長期居住在那裡的民族,長年都以芼牛為生,吃芼牛肉和販賣芼牛這樣子。聽導遊說,藏族大多數都很富有 由於他們都是佛教徒 所以賺回來的錢多數都用來建佛寺。
我個人特別喜歡藏族,原因是他們的服裝都很美!顏色繽紛~完全是我的菜~ 哈哈哈 還有就是藏族人的五官都比較深邃,有點洋人的五官 所以藏族人都長的很好看 :) 


穿上藏族人服裝,嗯 不好看 >< oversized!!! LOL 

水就是這麼藍 這麼清澈。水裏到底有什麼 @.@

不好意思我沒辦法一一講出地方名稱因為太多了我記不住 >< 反正到了九寨溝就一定會來到這些地方就是了 :)

I called it salted caramel waterfalls



九寨溝山上三千多尺高海拔 空氣稀薄 走路走快一點也會很喘。如果有高原反應的話可能會暈眩,很睏,還會想吐喔。所以上山前必須做好準備。高海拔又那麼冷一點都不好受 待在原地哪裏都不去又不行 >< 只好堅持走到底!

這自拍棒是在當地買的。沒想到那麼好用~ 哈哈哈!全程都沒帶相機出門 =.= 都是用 iPhone6 拍的。

第四天我們就已經不在山上了。下山回到成都市 :)


不在高原 走起路來也比較舒服自在 哈哈 



其實我最喜歡中國的一個特色就是這裏有很多古鎮。裡面賣很多禮品而且平時和朋友來這裡聚會也很好!好多小小的咖啡廳,環境那麼美 怎麼我們這裏都沒有這麼有特色的地方。現代和古代的結合太美了!




全身服飾: ZARA 

回到成都市,溫度就相差比較高了。每天大概10-20度左右 所以可以穿比較輕鬆點。這點我最開心了!厚外套很重啊~
其實回到成都行程也沒什麼特別了,就是在附近走走逛逛。最後一天,我們去了動物園 哈哈 竟然去動物園了 >< 

For your info, 這趟旅行我們不是自由行喔,跟旅行團去的。我想自由行應該很難安排九寨溝的行程,因為蠻複雜的 搞不好可能會被騙喔。另外我只想用四個字 “不枉此遊” 來形容這趟旅程。很開心有這次機會可以到這麽美的地方,也感謝大自然的美。希望你們會喜歡我這次的分享 <3