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28 October 2016

Love & Co. All about diamonds

Was so honoured to be invited by Love & Co. to their private event in the past few days. My very first time to get to know more about diamonds. Always know that diamond is expensive diamond is every girls fav but din't really know WHY. This is what we have in the event. Explore and learn more about diamond. Hell yeah i'm falling deeper to diamonds~
The whole experience its a one on one basis, thanks for the profession's patient cause we asked alot. hahaha

Love & Co. is now the first jeweller in Asia to adopt the Sarine Profile by Sarine Technologies Ltd - a unique digitalised experience with comprehensive digital diamond reposts that enhances diamond shopping experience for customers.

Sarine Technologies, a worldwide leader in the development and manufacturing of advanced evaluation, planning, processing, and finishing systems for diamond and gemstone production.
According to the Sarine Technologies digital report, Love & Co. provides an instant access to diamond's information as well as to help them better understand the unique qualities of every LVC Lovemark diamond including the light performance grading system with the summary of the Ultimate Light Performance grade.

The enhanced digital diamond experience helps customers analyse the diamond's beauty objectively and scientifically, beyond the conventional 4C grading parameters ( CUT, CLARITY, COLOUR, CARAT), and its easy accessible though the internet. 
Using the state-of-the-art equipment and technology, Love & Co. strives to provide customer with in-depth info of the exquisite LVC Lovemark diamond that boasts 360° of ultimate light performance like no other. 
Report is accessible via web and mobile, digital diamond repost is sent instantly to you mobile phone, email, giving the opportunity to share your diamond beauty with family & friends. 

We are wearing the signature collection of Love & Co. , and LVC Lovemark collections. 
True shinning!

The Signature Collection : LVC Lovemark - An exclusive mark of love.
In every piece of LVC Lovemark has a Rose Hallmark, International Certification Number, Cut, and Proportions. A video attached at the end of the post with the diamond close-up view.

A pair of Love & Co. teddy bear <3

LVC Promise collection, perfect wedding band.

Latest collection, my fav ribbonssss~

Did you know? Diamond has four Light Performance parameters, which describe the different effects that each light characteristic reveals in the diamond. The four Light Performance parameters include: 

BRILLIANCE - The intense bright light that shines from the diamond. 
FIRE - The vivid colours of the rainbow that radiate from within the diamond.
SPARKLE - The dramatic flashes that burst out of the diamond as it moves.
SYMMETRY - The equal distribution of light that reflects from the diamond.

All the four Light Performance parameters are combined and analysed as one entity, giving a comprehensive single Light Performance grade.

Proposal band that comes in a whole crystal box <3 Totally in love~ I said YES!

Still can't get enough of diamond ring. WANT!!!

Once again, thank you Love & Co. for this opportunity to experience more about diamonds. Sarine Technology is one of the best and easiest way to learn more about diamond before you own one. To be honest, I din't really get to see Love & Co. collections before this, never thought that i will be loving their collection this much ^^ For those who plan to propose to your girlfriend or getting marry, Love & Co. is your choice for pretty bands <3 I'm gonna purchase my wedding band with them too! 

23 October 2016

7 wanderlust at Kota Kinabalu

Today, will be another travelling post. I just had a my last weekend spent in the east of Malaysia. Was my first time traveling to Sabah, Kota Kinabalu. The biggest reason we flew all the way to KK is for our beloved Hanni Khor's wedding *someone is Sabahan now*. Since we've made it to her wedding, we was thinking maybe could spend more time in this beautiful place, hence, we extended our trip and start exploring~ 

Us <3

Outfit for the wedding night :)

10 jimuis with our lovely bride. Pardon for her tired face, coz she's having serious gastric :(
Hanni, congratulations on your wedding, was so so so happy for you~ Stay happiness with your man and will see you on 28th <3 

Till then, #7wanderlust begin!

Staying at Magellan Sutera for 2 nights. 

So comfy walking in outfit like this LOL

Just chilling, The Breeze 

Beautiful sky & pool side 

Mantanani Island 美人魚島 

We met strong wind and waves :/ all of us on boat was feeling so sick. Bad experience during the boat travel. But still, the sea of Mantanani Island is impressive. For your info, Mantanani Island has one of the TOP5 clear sea water in the world. *feeling proud*

(Traveling fee to Mantanani Island 280MYR / pax including a lunch meal and snorkelling tools)
We don't meet each other often, but we always had lots of fun when we meet. This is probably the craziest and most laughter trip ever! #7wanderlust, we've created another good memory! Please do this often and I start to miss all of you <3 

14 September 2016

Anni trip to Koh Samui

不知道從哪學回來的驚喜...哈哈 話說某天某人發了簡訊給我說要邀我和他吃頓週年晚餐。重點在於地點竟然是在蘇梅島 @.@ 驚喜哪個女孩不愛啊?我當然一口答應了~*丟花轉圈圈*

第一天入住的酒店 Le Meridien Resort


有個小小的泳池~OK啦 算你眼光好~



這特別的防水台,就是我們晚餐地點 <3 無敵海景!!!

本來只是吃頓晚餐明天就回國了,但我實在實在太喜歡這裏了所以決定多留一晚 ^^ 當晚馬上找了另一家位於比較熱鬧的市區的飯店~

這家名 Malibu Resort & Beach Club. 價錢比較便宜,當然房間也比較簡單但仍然是美的,且非常乾淨 :)



謝謝你安排的所有,謝謝你的用心。我這裡完全收到!7週年快樂,邁向八年咯! <3