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11 April 2018

Rouge G de Guerlain

Was such a pleasure to get invited by Guerlain to the launch of Rouge G last week. The whole event was about their very first customizable lipstick case with double mirror design 😍!
In total of 15 ultra stylish cases design and 30 new highly desirable shades to showcase! It was like heaven when you first step into the event place. Literally full of lipsticks and you can just play with all the shades as much as you want  👄👄👄

A little history to share about Rouge G. In 2009, under Olivier Echaudemaison's artistic direction, Guerlain presented Rouge G, a new kind of lipstick designed like a precious jewel that to this day remains one of the most luxurious ever crafted.

Find your shades, your case, your style 💋
In the 15 stylish design cases, you will definitely found the one you like and suits you best! All of the element for each cases is very unique. From the very classy Gold to very unique Animal Totem. I personally like the Marble Look the most. I even tried on a few shades but I cant tell which I like the most, they are just too pretty!
I bet its going to be the most stylish lipstick you ever have!

Me busy looking for my shade 😁

Look at em cases~~~

That happy face thou! A mirror full of signatures with Rouge G!

And guess what?! I bought home the all 6 cases and all of my fav shades!!

Designs including : The Original, K-Doll, French Mademoiselle, NÊo-Gothic, Perfect Black, and lastly, Wild Jungle.

My name beautifully engraved on the mirror 💓 You can get yours done at the store too!

Like seriously, how can you resist these??

From left : 
No.21 Cherry Red
 No.65 Pearly Rosewood
 No.73 A Truly Vibrant Pink
 No.78 Plum
 No.71 Intense Pink
No.23 Dark Cherry

Picked 3 shade out of 6 to make a swatch because I have a surprise for y'all 😜 

No. 23 Dark Cherry *fav*

 No. 65 Pearly Rosewood

No. 78 Plum

What do you think of the shades? I kinda like them cause the color is so pigmented and lasting 😍
Head to my IG post to check on the SURPRISE i have for you all! 
Instagram : AnerlyFang


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