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13 August 2018

Easy & Natural Look with Kate Star Product

If I were to choose one piece of make up product that I could never live without, it would be

concealer for sure. However, that totally changed ever since Kate sent me this foundation to try

Let me demonstrate an easy and natural makeup look with Kate Tokyo’s 4 star products today!
1. Kate Powdery Skin Maker Foundation - The Base Zero

I have to say the first time I apply this foundation on my skin I was very impressed with the
matte finishing!
I like it very much after spreading the liquid on my face, it hugs my skin well and feels light as if
it was swept with powder!


Tap with finger :)

After! Totally matte finish <3

The highlight of this foundation is the high coverage liquid that can cover all my uneven skin,
and sometimes I use it as concealer for my dark circles too.
It’s not heavy, not sticky and most importantly it doesn’t cake up.

Definitely a must buy! 

2. Kate Designing Eyebrow 3D

A lot of you know that my brows are quite thick, but if I can still use this 3 colour-gradation
eyebrows shadow to create a more defined brows. I can simply use the dual-head brush that
comes with it. Using the smaller tip, it’s easier to control the strokes and pressure.



The color is quite natural and it is suitable for beginner!

However, I usually only use this as the nose shadow. I love it that they have dual-head brush
allowing me to shadow my nose easily. This product has 2 colour options and I am currently
using the colour EX-5.

I also use it as eyeshadow which let me create a very simple and nice eye makeup :) It’s a multipurpose magic box for me! The earthy palette is very multifunctional and easy to work on
as the colour is easy to match with clothing. I believe this helps those new to makeup a lot as
one magic box fill up all the possibilities!

3. Kate Fit Rare Gel 

For a long lasting, smudge-free and waterproof eyeliner, I use the Kate Fit Rare Gel Eyeliner. It’s super easy to glide through as it’s (not) a pencil but it’s gel eyeliner!

One thing I like about this eyeliner is that it’s super fine, and you don’t have to sharpen it, and it’s gel formula!

4. Kate Color Highvision Rouge (RD-3)

I will then finish the whole look with this lipstick.

Here is my finish look!
My favourite product from these star products is definitely the must buy foundation! However, it
can be a little bit pricey, but a little goes a long way. The matte finish are to die for!

For beginner, I suggest to buy the foundation and eyebrow palette. Because personally, I find their CP value are quite high.

Hope you enjoy creating a natural look like this! Till next time :)


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