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10 November 2011

untitled (",)

Since there is no title for today's post. So i'm gonna blog about anything! everything! XD Saying that i went to a friend's birthday bash on tuesday @ Neway, Queensbay Mall, alone! Long time no see my dear friends...they are all my course mates during hairdressing course last year :) I reach around 8. As they not yet reach, so i had a round walk for groceries...walked into Skin Food store, grabbed a bottle of eye make up removal, face make up removal cream and a few eye mask. They smells real good, especially the make up removal cream!
Ring ring...they calling me! room 14! alright! then i was in the fitting room trying on a sport suits @ Al-Ikhsan LOL
Here are they! A gang of lovely friends of mine. They made up my night with lotsa laughters! hahaha

 w/ cherry & junhang

They light up my night :)

Deep cleansing cream from Skin Food. It's smells delicious, and with simple steps you'll have a smoother cleaner skin. With only place a fitting amount and rub all over your make-up face, then softly wipe off with tissue. Lastly wash again with facial cleanser.  Done! 

 This is the normal eye and lips cleansing oil

Till then, another thing wana talk about! haha! Which is my second time bowling session! Lol! The first time played at Genting last last week...hmmm.....embarrass -.- I treat them supper! kakaka! I bet the next time is someone else's treat! yeah!

End nonsense & crapping! :p


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