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29 May 2012

25 & 26 of may

*act like a poser* 
Hello people! Im here again today :) Feel like write something for my well past weekend with my homies! Is a daily activity post now~ There is a car show and some event was held in Juru Auto-City last weekend, we went there too, is been so long.... I seldom appear in this kind of happening place, is like whenever there is an event held I rather stay home than stuck in the stupid traffic jam and in the parking as well. Met couple of my old friends there :)  Four of  us that night which is me, hubby, mifyn, von. We went Ice-ice Baby for dinner and some "huge" discussion *wink* but end up we failed it because someone did not bring the mosssstt important note!! Urrghh! So we was just chilling there and make jokes like we always did hahaha! Saying that there was a car show, I found out all the car owner spent huge money on decorating and modifying..i took 2 picture of 2 car that i felt quite interesting ^^

 I like this white cushion Myvi! So bouncy~~ 

I have no idea what car is this =.= but i like the paint! So cool!

Dessert of the night French Crème Brûlée, thanks von tell me that's nice! Its really yummehh~

 Hello mister act!! Hubby so cute *.* 

And then here is my Sunday out with hubby :) to Queensbay for shopping but in the end I just bought one top from topshop >< pek chek!!! Not enough time to slowly discover pretty stuff cause im rushing back at 3pm for a photoshoot at 4pm :( 
Curly hair, neon stripes singlet tee, leopard sandals & denim shorts for the casual day ^^ 

See my pretty purple shoe? Got something to share soon! Stay tune 

 What a nice sunset view from here.

Well, ended my weekend like this :) Passing so fast day by day....Cherish every moment you have!
Have a nice day ahead peeps  


Anonymous said...

Hey, I like your pics :) especially the last one!! was that captured by your 4S?

小笨蛋鬼 said...

like your photo shoot too ~ :)
the last pcs of sunset view is really nice~

anerly said...

yes yes...all photo was taken by my 4s :) thanks ya

Anonymous said...

The shoe is from TIAMO?

anerly said...

no, not TIAMO :) is from Te Chi-Chi

Jxinn said...

May I know where you bought Ur leopard sandal? :)

anerly said...

Jxinn: the sandal is from Nose :)

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