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9 June 2012

Come and take a walk

I never meeting them for almost half year, im saying my buddies nick, penny, zane...I miss you guys so so much! Been busy with our own life lately, less in touch but never apart :)
Planned to go for a dinner together on Monday night before nick to Aussie | Venue: Harvest In, Penang |
In my memory, I went there only twice and is like 2 years ago?! Anyway, they got good business almost everyday. As I mentioned its night time, full house again! We was squeezed into a small corner beside the staircase. I can feel the warm LOL

My peopless! 

Since the night is still young after the dinner, young people shouldn't back home early =.=  So, we decided to go China House for some drinks & cakes. I've heard  of this place times before, but never try. For me, it's a special place with few sections if you keep on walking deeper! Is too dark, so i cant take photo of each section :( But i will go again during day time! hehehe. We choose the most deepest space, heard that this section will have great live jazz band on every Wednesday & Friday. Should have to come once just for the band! 

Have a fresh lime juice after oily food ^^

That's all for the short night.


YvoNne said...

China Hse is awesome with the Tiramisu

anerly said...

thanks for the recommend, will try in next time ^^

Mr Lonely said...

great day~

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