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9 July 2012

Hello July

Can't believe its already July, which mean another 5 months to reach year 2013 >< how come? But but but, feeling so excited cause we are going to say hi to Japan soon! *jump jump*  I need money pls!!! Here comes the rainy season, the season i love the most! *sorry, if i offend people that hate rain*.
Well apparently is another wedding dinner in this month. Doris, a long known friend of us :) We used to join as a huge gang for quite sometimes. She is now married!! Wish she have a wonderful life ever after  All of us attend her wedding, it was soooo happ!!
I found that a lot of people is on Instagram right now! I'm one of you too XD Just sooooo into it. Sometimes I on insta rather than FB. Remember last week Saturday, Insta system was down...couldn't do anything! I was like, fml! Whats going on man?! And then i kept on refreshing it like a silly bimbo! Fortunately they took only one day to settle everything. So, the first time to do in the next morning was, upload photo! LMAO Here is some my daily insta snaps :) Basically is about selca photos, food , and some stuff 

Follow me @anerlyfang *in case u dint* LOL

Following will be some photo taken during Doris's wedding dinner, again...most of the photo is from Geng :) Thanks again yea ♥ Imma so in love with her camera, maybe time to change?! hehehe! Nice cam! Sony NEX F3.

Remember to stay  sweet forever! *hugsss*

The pretty bride of the night

The hubby boy :)

 minvoon, the cutie :)

 Szu geng, the hottie ^^

Heard a bad news from a friend last week... Feel so upset about her unfortunate. Everyone is praying for her and so do i...Be strong to live & breath my dear! Couldn't do anything but just keep on pray and wait. I believe she is brave enough to fight against this fear. She is such an angel for everyone around her especially her love one. Browsing all her pretty photos in fb, seeing she have a sweet sunny smile..Oh god, we don't wish anything but wake her up! Went hospital to visit, but too bad she is still in ICU, nurse couldn't let too much of people visit :( Sincerely, wanna wish her good luck, and wayne, be strong okay? She will be fine. Lif goes on~~~! What's your plan about the next half year? I need to earn more for the Japan trip! Anyone wanna work with me can just find me on FB :) hehehe 

Oh yea, one more you guys interested in buying my preloved cloth? I only wore for once and some even new! Let me know if  you are interested, i might whatsapp you the photos! Thanks alot <3 


Anonymous said...

Any work recommended?

Anonymous said...

hello. Share ur beauty care..Like ur blog^^

from joanne

anerly said...

erm...idk hehehe
Joanne: okay! thanks yaa~

Sherry said...

I'm interested! Hehe :X

ying ying said...

any photo for ur preloved cloth? :)

anerly said...

sherry & ying ying: drop a msg to my fb okay? thanks yea!

Anonymous said...

I love your dress ^^

by shuay

Anonymous said...

may I know how u did the 'opps no copy' when the person right click?? I wanna put too thank you.

shuhui said...

i also got intersted!! :D

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