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23 August 2012

New addiction, Iphone cases pick!

Opps! My under dip-dye finally shown out a little in this picture, but it looks so dry :(( 

So i've been craving for some new and unique phone case / cover lately..and finally, i found an online shop that selling cute + special + latest iphone casing & plugy! I'm so in love with all of them! Got my cases and plugy from i.Licious last week! Can't  wait to share will y'all! *but let me crap a lil more pls* How many cases do you have in your collection now? I have around 15 and other phone accessories...I used a few cases for my daily life, throw into bag most of the time just like that XD Well, is kinda dirty already even the crystal bling screen protector scratched. Perhaps, I enjoy changing cases for different outfit coordinates, do you have the same thoughts? Mix and match with colors and style~NICE NICE. Alright, stop crapping~ Below are some photos I took for my lovely cases! 

My current using case hehehe, In love with those panties print!! Isn't it very cute?! 

This is a rubber soft case that comes with the stylus, NO MORE finger prints on your screen! By the way, it's a high protection case too!

The super hit annasui mirror case :) Personally love purple color very much! 

Just in case you don't know how to put on, i took a minutes to discover actually =.= 

The heart shape leather plugy, got myself the pink one! And also the sparkling Hello Kitty crystal plugy.

Closer view for the kitty plugy! 

If you interested and wanna have iphone case like mine, check out this online store, Tons of cute and pretty stuff are waiting for you to bring them home! ^^

Goodnight world, sweet dreams!


Anonymous said...

How much is it?

iPad Mini Skull Case said...

Wow! This looks great! I am so impressed!

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