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18 December 2012

New cam in the house

Nothing to do with this picture actually, just a random pick header =.= Anyhow, I love this piece. 

Quick update for today. Saying that I've finally bought a new camera!!! Accompanied by Mr.Hayashi last night, he bought me to Plaza Gurney and seek for the lowest the end we found SenQ :) Bought at MYR1599 + 1year warranty by Sony + 4years warranty by SenQ *double worth it* Apart of anything else, I said take it! XD

Taddahh! My new baby ^^ Can't to try it on!

Yea yea you are right! No doubt its Nex-F3 in white. Been hesitating to own it or not since so long...and now, it's in front of me! hehehe I think it will take me sometimes to fully discover the usage and features.

The flip-able screen is one of the reason I like this cam so much. Other than that, the quality of the image making me love it even more!! Well apparently this is my first time buying Sony's product :) And I hope its a right choice! As you can see, I don't buy the extra pancake lens because I think the original lens kit is more than enough for maybe will add on in the future if needed.  

That's it for today! Just feel like sharing my joy to y'all :) And And And I can finally make video tutorial for y'all *double the joy*


Kexin said...

Did you buy another lens?

Anonymous said...

Hope you'll like it..I prefer Canon and Sony's camera rather than Samsung's.:) *No offend ,just what I thought.

HelenCC said...

Woah, I also just bought NEX-F3 @ SenQ too..
Sunway outlet one..
really worth & the price is unbeatable !! more save $$ than bought on9..
btw, Sunway outlet jz gv me 8GB memory card & camera bag..
did u get extra screen protector, cleaning kits, camera pouch, tripod etc??

anerly said...

Helen: i only get 8GB memory card and a pouch too :)

HelenCC said...

mayb u can buy an extra screen protector & filter to protect F3 from any scratch or dust...
Sunway Carnival - KY camera shop gt selling it with reasonable price. =)

Yumi said...

hi may i know now u r using what brand and model of camera except ur new nex-F3? thanks :)

anerly said...

Helen: thank you so much! i will go and buy those accessories :)

Yumi: Nikon D60, Canon G-11

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