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10 January 2013

Handmade Camera Pouch GIVEAWAY!!

Since we now have so many iphone case, pouch for phonea and so on. What about a pouch your camera?! It also one of the essential for your daily life right? Snapping photos is like a daily routine for everyone now...hehehe so do I XD So a protective camera pouch is a must to keep your camera safe! i.Licious Phone Boutique had launch new item which is the handmade camera pouch/bag! I think not much people have it yet, kinda new thou. The camera pouch is protective, perfectly cover up your camera safe! What's more, the design of each handmade pouch is way too cute! I totally can't resist any of their cuteness!!

I'm giving away one Handmade Camera Pouch at the end of this post! Scroll down if u wanna skip to the end! ><

This is mine!!!  Cute right?? Is it a crocodile or errr...dinasour?! Whatever lah! My greenie "Bah Geh" *in hokkien* crocodile! hahaha Customize according the size of your camera so whether can nicely fit the camera is not the problem anymore! All you need to do is provide your camera model & lens measurements. (eg: Canon 600D, 18-135)

See? Fit nicely...I can feel how comfortable is my camera now lol 

5 layers of compressed cotton! So puffy! Go go go get it!!! 

They even have the same design of camera straps for each design too! Very cute laaaaa~ But you have to purchase separately, doesn't come together with the pouch.

Here are all of the designs! Leather and non leather also have. LOVE THEM ALL!

For your info, this pouch is special make for camera with long lens. Not suitable for normal compact digital camera :) Example: Samsung NX series, Sony NEX series, DSLR ect. It take 2-3 weeks time to done it. Good thing always have to wait longer what...hehehe You can buy it HERE ! 

Before end~


1. Drop a comment at this post and tell me why you want to win this pouch  
2. I will announce the only one lucky winner at my FB on 17th Jan 2013 :) *i'll pick the most creative answer* 
Don't forget to give i.Licious a LIKE too! Much appreciated 

This deal open for Malaysian and you have only 1 WEEK!! So hurry up!! GOOD LUCK :)


Nicole Yie said...

Hi Anerly! ♥

This is really a so unexpected pouch! Most of the people will only buy a pouch or case from the camera shop with a normal black design only. But with this, my camera can be so eye-catchy now! It can make my camera looks rich too because it has a comfy house to stay, with the puffy 5 layers of compressed cotton!! XD I treat my camera just like my own baby, and that's why I want to win this pouch for it!!

Hope I'm the most creative winner..? Haha hope to hear from you soon! =D

Nicole Yie. ♥

Lee Yin Jee said...

Halo Anerly !

The camera pouch is way tooo awesomeee !! As a young generation we need some cute and pretty stuff to mix and match. This pouch is really eye catching when i first saw it, It is not like others normal pouch which comes with only black colour or one colour tone.. it is sooo colourful soo sweet :D Furthermore it has 5 layers of compressed cotton, I believe my camera will be so happy to stay inside and feel like a princess, heee :). This pouch is really a creative handmade stuff, so sweet so fluffy and im gonne die :p

Hope you can choose me. much appreciate ♥

From : YinJee Lee :)

Vivian Yuen said...

Aw, I wish I lived in Malaysia! hehe, I love it though, pretty girl~~ <3

Yuh Jiun said...

Wow so nice! Wish I own a dslr :(

HelenCC said...

Hi Anerly,

I want to win this pouch because my NEX-F3 Baby is so damn excited & screaming like hell.
(hey, baby... can u b quiet for a moment?)

My new born baby ordered her mummy must win this comfort & creative handmade "clothes" for her.
She was get bored to wear that black & normal same design camera bag with others.
She warn me if I unable win this, she going to naked ><"
(hey, baby. Are u kidding me??)

Of course as a mummy, I also want my baby become more outstanding & eye-catchy.
So I hope I'm the lucky winner.

Thanks for giving such lovely giveaways =)

Best regards,
Helen CC

Venus Ooi Inn Geok said...

i want to win this camera pouch because i just want to be unique and different with others. with this pouch, ppl will never know what i put inside in it until i take my nex-5 out. I guess my girls will scream and excited when they see this cute pouch. This is just the way too AWESOME.

Meen said...

I want to win this pouch because everytime I bring my Canon 600D out, it's very not convenient as I need to bring along the super huge black camera bag. We as a girl will mix the suitable handbag with our outfit, but when camera bag is tagged along, it spoil my whole look of that day. So I think that this eye-catching and cute pouch is easy to mix-and-match with my coordinate, it might make my look even cuter! How awesome just a camera pouch can let you look more outstanding than others!

Elise Cheng said...

You know what they say when girls' eyes meet with something they want so badly? They will find all sorts of ways to get what they want. As for my case, I literally went gaga after the fluffy pouch popped out in front of my Mac screen. The sense of attraction is so strong that I can hear her telling me how much she wants to hug me warmly. If I was given a sparkling diamond, I wouldn't be moved. Why? because falling in love with this fluffy pouch is probably the greatest feeling since the beginning of a brand new year. I am a DSLR holder but I'm never proud for the dull black body and black casings. It bores me so bad that I am seeking for attention! Imagine taking out my camera wrapped in the simple yet unique case from my handbag... oh Heavens! <3 I want people around to stop and stare at my baby even for a second, it doesn't matter. What matter is the fact that I've got my attention seeking craving fixed provided you are choosing me as the winner! :DD If I get one, I will show my friends personally and through social networks to share my joy. My mom would definitely be thrilled to see this case because she loes adorable things! hahaha Pretty please, let me marry this gorgeous darling? :P

Thanks for listening to my reasons! :) I appreciate them.

Tey Jeat Ee said...

Hi Anerly :

I have been seen alot of camera pouch before either is black in color or made with brown color leather. Seriously , I have never seen a super duper cute camera pouch like this before and it is made according your camera size . I want this camera pouch so badly !!! So I can replace it with my black camera bag which looks very boring and uncle feeling. Girls love cute and fluffy things just like me . Every time whenever I go out for photo shooting , I have to bring the whole bag and plus the DSLR which really not convenient for me . With this camera pouch , I only have to bring my DSLR out . The most interesting part of this camera pouch is it can really match with your attire so you don't have to really dress up in formal and professional kind but funky and cute style. it can really bring up your fun and playful feeling while you are photo shooting when you are using this cute camera pouch. Do not ever look down on it , cause it really can protect your DSLR well. I totally can't resist it cuteness and sweetness . It is very lovely , sweet and geogeous . I really hope I can be selected as winner . Thank you so much. <3

JL Low said...

Hi Anerly,

Honestly, your homemade camera pouch is tooooo cute! It will be a pleasure to carry this camera pouch, but the most important reason for me to get this pouch is because i still don't have a DSLR><
It will be a great motivation for me to get a new DSLR if i get this pouch. Awwww, i want it badly.

Thanks for giving all of us a chance to get this cute and sweet camera pouch. Appreciated it=)

Euriz Siaw said...

I want to win this Handmade Camera Pouch from AnerlyFang because I think is nice and cute ! Its so comfortable to my camera and my self ! its so cute to bring out ! I hope you will giving this Pouch !
my fb :
my blog :

Thanks reading my reason , I hope you will choose me as the winner ! I will appreciate it !
Anyway thanks ! xoxo

Elissa yeap said...

Hello Anerly !
Omg the camera pouch is irresistible!the reason why I want to win this camera pouch is because I wanted to fit in my baby DSLR 1100D in it so badly! I wish I can carry my camera with this cute pouch around when I'm bringing my baby out instead of carrying the black bag from canon which is quite man for me I really wish to get this pretty new clothes for my baby1100D ,people will definitely keep their eye on this cute pouch hoho!By the way I have been looking for good looking yet protective camera bag For so long ,this camera pouch have fulfill my needs! ;))

Siok Hua said...


Thats the reason i need the lovely pouch badly as camera is part of my life~~

I need the cute & adorable pouch for keeping my brand of camera in good shape just like the pictures I take that will never fade.

Alysher YS said...

Awwww listen to me~ My Nikon baby has followed me for 2 years but I never know how to accessory/dress up him. Would you like to gift him a present? I treat him just as my baby, which I always remembered his bday, he's a December baby same with me! ^^ And I love unique thingyyy~ I always feel that he just look way too MAN because of his colour and size, so I wish to get this awesome pouch to increase his cuteness! By the way, with my only one big camera bag, it just look way too bulky to bring out. Sometimes I hesitated to bring my camera out because the bulky camera bag doesn't match with my attire. Girl love nice stuff, you know you know~ And this pouch just look so nice yet protective! So please choose me, my goddess Anerly <3 :DD

miraclesoul a.k.a michelle said...

Hello Anerly!!:) Y YOU ALWAYS HAVE NICE GIVEAWAY!!!hahaha!!!So I gonna try my luck!' I want to win this cute pouch because I want my GF1 to be stylish too! I bought my very first camera after saving for few years and finally got my GF1 2years ago.Eventhough it's a second hand camera but I do love my camera!I brought it almost everywhere especially during some trips with my partner. I handmade pouch for my camera too but I still feel there is something missing out for it till I read this post! Yes, my camera really need a better protection pouch since the one I made is too thin and not protecting it!This giveaway pouch give a good protection and it's stylish!I can easily match with my camera can also last longer with the protection and enable me to take more photo!! bet this pouch can fit well to my baby camera! I really wish I can win this pouch!

Kate Lai said...

Hi anerly,I would like to win this camera pouch because i've been looking for a camera pouch that suit my camera for so long.I only own the big bag that can fit my camera with lens but I'm looking everywhere for only my camera.So I always put my camera just like that in my big bag with all my stuffs inside so it's getting scrathes on my camera body and even the screen and so do the lens because the cover opened sometimes and I'm so heart pain.But I don't know what to do because it's so ugly to bring that camera bag out.I hope to win this from you so that my camera can be placed nicely in my bag without anymore straches.Hope to hear from you. *fingers crossed*

May said...

Hello pretty anerly :)
I would like to win this pouch partially because its alluring , cuteness overload and matches outfit easily. Seriously , this pouch can be one of the fashion ootd too :) I have been bring my heavy camera around and hanging it round my neck without putting it into pouches or covered with covers . I think the pouches that are selling out there are dull and mostly black in color instead of these cuteness overload pouches with different designs :) I also want to win this because I would be happy to receive from you ! I am excited and happy that I could tell my friends that 'anerly' gave this to me instead of me taking out money buying this . No matter how many years more , this pouch will not be outdated and I will remember that u are the one that gave this pouch to me . Thanks ya , hope I'm the lucky one xx !

JessicaChaw said...

Hi Anerly, this pouch captivates my attention once I saw it and it definitely made people, especially girls go OOOOO-AHHHH. I love collecting cute stuffs so of course I wanna win this! Anyway my camera is Canon 550D and I acknowledge that I did not keep it well recently but if I win this pouch, I don't have to be worried of not keeping my camera not well anymore! Last but not least, every time I see this pouch, I will think of ANERLY and your blog. Let me think of you all the time then hehehe! <3

Anonymous said...

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Shin Yen said...

Hi anerly,

I would like to win this cute camera pouch because i had dropped my dslr on floor before. That time I was holding my camera and walking towards where my camera bag located. The floor was slippery after rain and I fall down and the lens of my dslr broken down. I am so upset because of this. If I own this pouch, I can bring my dslr along, this pouch is easily bring to anywhere compared to the general camera bag that attached along. Somemore, it was design to have some special pattern. It will easily get attention from others.
Hope to get this pouch from you. Hope I am the lucky one.

*loving your blog very much

Jia Yen said...

I Wanna win this because I know how much the camera means to my boyfriend. I hope not only will this pouch be his dslr protector, but as good as to let him know that I will protect him just like how this pouch protects his dslr. Passion grows with attention, love blossoms by affection.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Natasha Ting said...

Aww, loving these cute bags! they are just like designers' bags in camera pouch market. :P I definitely need this and you'll know why if you spot me on the streets carrying either Lowepro Slingshot 202AW or Lowepro Flipside 400AW - those are the only bags i have.

Although they protect my cameras and lenses very well, they are such big-asses. I can hardly move inside a library or grocery shop if I have them on. What's more, during girls' night out, i'm pretty much ALWAYS the one wearing dresses and pairing them with dumb looking huge bag. Those days are over, because if I and my baby camera get lucky, i might get to win my camera a new mobile home! I'm super thankful to mont-licious for introducing these darling bags to us. You know what they say, there's endless possiblities in the world of photography, now even camera pouches do! :D

xue li said...

Hi anerly

Thanks you for intro such awesome item to me !always love your blog!
In my first sight, the pouch is so niceeeeeeeeee and awesome !and i hope to get from you .I want to win because i want to keep this for my camera . As I am planning to buy a Sony camera this two months.( still save money haha) So i definitely know this baby can fit my camera and i want my camera feel being protected always.I will treasure this pouch too because it given by you ,anerly

Thanks you so much !

Paulina said...

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♥JaniCe♥ said...

Anerly ♥,
I want this camera cute pouch for my Canon 60D because it is so damn cute and also easy for me to bring around :) My camera bag is so heavy :( I am sure that I will have the CUTEST DSLR & everyone's attention will be on my camera ♥♥♥ This enables me to bring out my camera more often and I can update more in my blog :D

Do email me if I am lucky to win this :P JANICEKBABY@HOTMAIL.COM ♥♥♥

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nurul izwani said...

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