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7 January 2013

High-Tea at La Vanille

It was Sunday, a lovely Sunday. Decided to call out one of my lovely lady for lunch and high-tea :) It's been so long since the last time we met, if not mistaken was like half year ago @.@ And finally finally get to see this pretty lady again. She brought me to a Japanese restaurant for lunch before that. Since its only 3 something after lunch, we try to find a cafe high-tea session after that. I seldom have the chance to high-tea cause the boyfie dont like >< Usually I only get the chance when friend ask me to. And I feel kinda pointless if doing this alone *fml* Well,  thanks ruirui for your day! LOL

La Vanille. I heard that this cafe is cute and are quite new still! So here we are ^^ I like their interior decor so so much cause it's my style XD the whole ambiance are SO LOVELY!! The most important thing is their cakes & macaroons are slurrrrpy~

We ordered: 2 ice peach tea | 1 Opera | 3 macaroons chocolate, rose & coffee   

Seriously their macaroon is very nice.

Partner of the day! Ruirui Happy sunday!

There are more macaroons flavor to choose!! Will try the mint one next time hehehe oh and the cupcakes too XD

Holly mama this is soooooo cute!!!! Sheep cupcake .


La Vanille FB Page *give them a like*
Address: 122 A Hutton Lane, 10050 Penang, Malaysia
Contact: 04-226 4024
Business Hour: Mon-Sun 11:00 a.m - 9:00 p.m 


Nickey Leow said...

Nice sharing ♥

anerly said...

Thank you :)

Nicole Yie said...

Trying the cupcake is a MUST!!! Super nice and craving for it every days after I tried!!

Yunnker Ang said...

Your picture quanlity were so nice. Thumbs up.

Anonymous said...

Your friend is so pretty can share her FB or blog?^^


anerly said...

Nicole: yesyes i should try it when next visit hehehe
Yuunker: thanks :)
Shuay: RuiRui. find her in fb

Anonymous said...

seriously needs a photography teaching post !!<3

Vincce Vo said...

I think you're always with your bofie only,that's why you need to widen your socialise

Anonymous said...

My LOVELY & PRETTY babe!! thanks for the day too ^^ RUIRUI xoxo

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