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13 February 2013

Happy CNY!

Hello hello!! How's your CNY???  Win alot? Took alot of ang paosssss?? Guess you all are still in the holiday mood and so do I :) Family dump me this year T.T they all went up to Genting Highlands. Dad ask me to stay home and watch out our house >< FINE!! But actually I don't feel like following them too lah, too pack d. I wonder did any of you still willing to read my blog today? LOL Guess you all still sleeping or maybe outside having fun with friends. The reason why i'm blogging today is I don't wan my blog to be soooo un-updated >< So regardless anyone reading it, I still wanna post this entry! =P
Basically i'm gonna share how I spend my chu1 & chu2 with the Choo's and my buddies!

First start with my very first selca on chu1 LOL Love this maxi so much!! 

 Tracy's crib! What a big big projector! Got 3D somemore!! Awesome!

Halooo ah nick! Never feel full ><

 Nom Nom Nommm

OOTD :) Dress from Twenty3 & Bag from Bubu Fashion House

So that was how I spent my first day of CNY :) And then now is chu2 with Choo's. We went to granny house to get angpaos hahahaah and also steamboat!

This fringe style makes my face sooo puffy!! >< Dislike!!

My fav driver @.@

Singk session!! Btw, the 2 guys inside there who holding mic, they are twins! hahaha

My DIY nail color ^^ Gold and Red is a must!!

At last, these are the angpaossss I got during chu1-chu3! Yeeeepy!!!

Is still holiday for me, and later on gonna catch up with my old bunch for some drinks and dinner! Hope you having fun during this festive and GONG XI FA CAI to everyone!!! Take care and please drink more water cause the sun is killing :)


Anonymous said...

Hi ^^
I really like all of your photos
Is it all taken with sony nex ???

anerly said...

hi :) yes all taken by sony nex.

emy chia said...

hai anerly, did you wear contact lens? feel like ur eyes so beautiful~

anerly said...

Hi, I did not wear color lens :)

sharon said...

hello ! was wondering where did u get ur black shoes from ? so cute <3

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