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17 March 2013

High Tea at Victoria Rossa

Since I got no plan for tonight so i'm gonna blog about today's high-tea session with sheryn, shane & vivi :) But before that, I wanna say thank you all watched my hair tutorial. I was so so happy to get all the feedback from you all. Deeply appreciated! Don't worry, I will figure out more and more to share! hehe

Back to today's topic. I actually got to know this restaurant from a instagram's friend. At first I thought it located at KL or something =.= didn't know its actually at Penang! Last night I was asking Sheryn where to go today cause I feel like high-tea-ing, then she mentioned Victoria Rossa and I was like is that Victoria Rossa I saw previously??! So this is how we decided to drop by. Yes it is the one I saw LOL
It's a new place thou!! hehehe

I like the whole decoration which is so english!! The wall are all flora wallpaper and every little thing from kitchen tools to table and chair are all so pretty! And of course their food is nice :) No wonder so many people come.

Was full house at first, but their service is so good. They bought us to second floor's sofa seats, but not fall any food or stain the sofa! They told us they usually don't allow customer to seat on the sofa to dine. I think I have to mention a little about the food serving time, they actually wrote on the menu about every food that will need how long to be done.

Mine and Vivi's phone case has similar color tone! XD Mine one on left from i.Licious

How cute is the tea pot cloth!!

English Breakfast tea not bad 

High-tea set for one :)

Shane's coffee *wonder why guy like coffee so much*

 English Chicken Lasagna

Mushroom Soup

Happy Sunday with them <3

Thumbs up for the service, food, environment! Gonna bring boyfie and Mifyn here nex time :)

Victoria Rossa 
Add: 33, Jalan Irraway, 10050 Penang. (opposite Harvest Inn) 
Contact: 04-2269128


HelenCC said...

last 2 days I jz pass by there ^^

angelia said...

Its near my boyfie's house yay^^ nice places to chill ~~

Kathy said...

Dropped by your blog because my friend said you have a good looking bf,haha. may I know how old is he because he looks so young!

livelikethis said...

may i knw u using what camera? ^^ hope u will reply..thanks~

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