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15 April 2013

April pick up!

Hey yo! Tell you what? I'm gonna start a whole new life after this week hehehe! Imma so excited about it! Erm...don't get me wrong kay? I'm not getting marry anyway LOL. Is just that i'm gonna stop my current 9 to 6 job! Time to really do what I like now, I hope its not too late to start =.=
Alright, speaking about today's topic, I guess the last time I post up a monthly pick up entry was like 1234567 months ago haha! So I've decided to have a little update on some fashion stuff that I have lately. Don't worry, will tag along shop link for ya okay? :)

1# A maroon color PU bag :) I like the emboss pattern and also it can be hand carry bag / body sling bag! How convenient is that huh? And the size can fit my purse, camera, phone perfectly!

2# A vintage stud watch. I love this watch so so much cause it's small *my wrist can't fit big watch* So this is the perfect size for my small wrist! I'm so happy! hahaha! Therefore, the design is kinda unique and it has vintage feel~ So loved!!

3# A fashion necklace! I seldom buy this kind of necklace cause i'm very bad in matching accessories =.= SERIOUSLY. But this necklace really caught my eyes, it's simple and nice!

I got everything above from Bubu Fashion House :)

Till then, i'll stop here for tonight :) See you again!! Goodnight :x


StEllA said...

further study?

Mr Lonely said...

lovely~ =)

ANGEE said...

I really love that necklace :)

Yuwen Chan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yuwen Chan said...

Create a page at fb please!! :((

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