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13 April 2013

Hennessy VSOP KYRIOS ft. Mr.Nasty and GuruGuru & BATE

Did you heard about all these popular DJ before? Well I bet Hennessy always bring great DJs to every party! No doubt, Mr.Nasty & GuruGuru and BATE is great as well :) I've experienced their pro-ness of their skills! That's really cool!! So today i'm gonna intro a little bit of them to y'all, hope that you won't ask who are they if you join Hennessy party next time. I'll show y'all videos of them :) hehehe!

Mr. Nasty & GuruGuru
Infamous household names of the Kuala Lumpur party scene, Mr.Nasty and GuruGuru who are otherwise known as Bass Agents need no introduction. Anchoring the hipster continent of Zouk Club KL with their monthly residency at Basonic, Mr. Nasty & GuruGuru have well established their mark in the region with their complex and edgy lashings of electro, hard trance and hard style.
Known for their dirty, energetic electro house and big room tunes, their monthly parties at various locations around Kuala Lumpur such as CTRL at Zouk, Avant/Garde at Vertigo and TOP at Bakita have earned them borderline cult status and potent street cred. They also shared the H-Artistry stage at KWC with the likes of B.A.T.E., Angger Dimas, and Eva Simons in September 2012. 

B.A.T.E. a.k.a Brain and the Eye
B.A.T.E., made up of local duo Wai Hong and Ethan Curzon, are two fast rising nu-breeds who are set to be the next big DJ duo in the local scene. Despite being relatively new, B.A.T.E. are no strangers to Kuala Lumpur party goers. The duo is frequently spotted tearing up the decks at various nightspots around the city such as Barsonic at Zouk, Vertigo, LUST, Bakita and Bedroom, as well as events such as 2012’s second H-Artistry party at KWC.
Known for their hand-picked selection of only the finest tunes in Disco, Techno, Big Room and Electro, B.A.T.E. are heavily influenced by EDM juggernauts such as Laidback Luke, Boys Noize and Steve Angello.

End this post with our group picture taken during the event :) 


Happy Weekends peeps! 


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