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21 April 2013

Magarita Frozen Chills!

Everyone knows the Margarita is a refreshing drink, the must have summer cocktail. The Margarita is one of the most popular cocktails in North America and shows no signs of slowing down. 
Last Saturday night, I went to Michelangelo's Restaurant and Bar at Gurney Plaza with the girls to try on their special made Magarita cocktail. Apparently is like after so long since the last time I had cocktail. What's the best is Michelangelo's Magarita are all using puree fruit juice. So yea, no artificial syrup addedUsing the premium brand of tequila makes the cocktail reached the top quality standard. Micelangelo's serve lime, strawberry, mango & kiwi flavor. I get to tried 3 of them which is the mango, lime & strawberry! I personally love strawberry so much cause it contain a little sweetness compare to lime. One Magarita contain  2-4% alcohol and it's prolly perfect for chilling with friends on such a relaxing night :)

Let's get start with the environment of Michelangelo's. The whole restaurant interior is more on Italian or European sort of. I specially love the upper wall paint which is full of ancient arts.

So here come the point of the night! lol Three flavor creates different stage of taste!

Magarita Frozen ingredients contain : fruit puree, ice, salt & tequila.

#1 This is the lime flavor which makes you feel a little more for the alcohol and a little more salty. 

#2 The strawberry flavor! My Fav!! A little sweetness but not too sweet :)

#3 Mango flavor. Seriously I never thought that mango could be one of the flavor haha! But it's taste good as well. Tropical tropical!! 

For your info, they have some special deal for ladies.FREE for all ladies on every Monday & Wednesday! (from 3pm to 9pm)

  • Purchase a main course for every FREE glass onevery Monday.
  • Purchase 1st glass at normal price to get another glass for FREE on every Wednesday.

So what do u think of the must have summer cocktail now? You must try!! It's really really nice and perfect for chilling :) Try it at Michelangelo's Restaurant and Bar *wink*


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