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30 May 2013

My Dovey Diary ♥

Helloww people! I have a shout out here! If you followed my FB or Instagram you probably seen that I recently posted one photo regarding my clothing brand name Dovey Diary. It has finally LAUNCHED yesterday!! Seriously I really felt so so happy that I can finally come out with my own clothing brand. One thing should mention is that Chakaboo will still remain as a normal blogshop while Dovey Diary is more on branding. 

D.D will always bring the latest fashion trend to surprise y'all with our personal sense of fashion :) If you trust on us then you'll definitely love D.D! Let's together grow with us and be pretty everyday  If you not sure, all item on web are READY STOCK and we do weekly update.

Well honestly, setting all this isn't that easy. It takes few month to get set and done. And this is why I been so so busy lately :( now my feeling is like a mother who just gave birth on a baby!! You will never know how happy is me and my partner now @.@ *tears of joy* We could hug each other and shout we finally make this happen after so long!!

Till then, can you guys do me a favour? Give my baby's page a LIKE okay?! hehehe Link HERE

Imma wearing outfit from D.D's :) You can find the tank top HERE and the sling bag HERE. My goods all are selling in a vey reasonable price *wink*  

This is our latest update! Neon singlet top ^^ Also selling at MYR29 only! 
Its a must have item in this summer. 

For your info, our web is now using Paypal method and also internet banking / ATM cash deposit method. For internet and ATM banking you will need to notify us ( when you done the payment within 48hrs after your order is made. Kindly take note :) 

Some of you might not familiar with Paypal payment method, find us on FB , we will always be there to provide good service! ^^  And can make order with us on FB too! 


Anonymous said...
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Cheen Yeening said...

may i know where is the background ? thanks :)

Anonymous said...

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Carrie Lee said...

Love the goods u sell.but too small for me..maybe can come in with some cloth with size?

Hanna Lei said...

Congrats on having your own line! Hanna

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