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3 December 2013

shu uemura Sweet Red Collection

Is hard to find the right red lip colour for my skin tone. I have slightly tanned skin colour, it's even harder to find the one that really suits me. It's my first time trying out shu uemura's products. I rarely pay attention on shu uemura's cosmetics previously, but I was caught by their new launched Reveal The Sweetest In You Sweet Red Collection very much especially the sweet red lips colour. I have an strong hunch that I might found a red colour that looks pretty one me! *wink* Lets read further cause I tried on 3 shades of their red lips colours :) an easy tutorial with items below! ^^

Red, the eternal shade of passion and sensuality shines anew in a spectrum of sweetness...
Notice the rainbow of red that brightens everyday life- blossoming flowers, sugary sweets, savory salmon, ripe fruit... this magival color that adorns the world with fun, playful, oh so sweet shades.

Now shu uemura delights the senses by reinterpreting the sweeter side of red in range of fresh new shades. 
These charming colors creates a new definition of red for every woman with boundless pure colour, transparency, and supreme moisture care as part of she uemura's revolutionary reformulated rouge unlimited line.
Discover the sweetest shade of you with an infinitely fresh spectrum of adorable reds that accessorise every skin tone and make you sparkle.
Find your own red. 

shu uemura's rouge unlimited formula offers an endless world of red lip colour with more unique shades, and pure color-the power of red reinterpreted. These are the 3 sweet red colours. Rough unlimited's signature pigments with their phenomenal high color pay-off and fidelity-sparked a cosmetic industry phenomenon in 2006. "Opaque core hybrid pigment" combine with "crystal core hybrid pigment" which has a transparent core that realises color pureness and transparency to bring out a more vivid, wider range of colour.

This is the sweet beige brown palette. A perfect 6 shade combination to create perfect nude eyes, the ideal match for sweet red rouge lips. Multiple combinations for various look possibilities and includes defining and highlight shades. The limited edition brown quad palette is refillable - replace shades with your own selection of catalogue eyeshadows or blushes
My natural daily nude eye makeup by using the sweet beige brown palette with dolly wink brown eyeliner + holika holika mascara + 3ce blusher. <3 It came out with a very natural yet sparkling eyes. Max love! 

Below is a tutorial that im using the 3 color of rouge unlimited lip colour and the sweet beige brown palette to create 3 different sweet looks :) 

#1 Sweet x sweet look
Create a distance between the right and the left eye for a sweet impression. 
  1. Apply P light coral 131, start from the eyehole line and move the brush from outward to inward.
  2. Then, apply M medium brown 863 along the upper lash line. 
  3. Apply M soft brown 851 to the inner corner of the eyes, blend it with light coral and medium using the gentle strokes moving the brush from outward to inward.

Lips: using dolly red lucid - Red gets all dolled up in this shiny textured, adorable pink-red shade.
Final look :)

#2 Active x sweet look 
  1. Apply ME medium brown 862 along the upper lash like. 
  2. Apply M soft brown 851 on the brush. 
  3. Move the brush from outwards to inwards and create beautiful gradation.
  4.  Apply P light coral 131 on the lower lash line.

Lip: using baby flame - Turn up the heat with this bright, ripe cherry tomato rouge in pout-perfecting shiny texture. 
Final look :)

#3 Cool x sweet look
  1. Apply M soft brown 851. Start from the eyehole line and move the brush from outward to inward.
  2. Apply M medium brown 863 on the upper lid. 
  3. Create gradation of the two.
  4. Apply M dark 895 along the upper lash line.
  5. Blend with gentle strokes moving the brush from outward to inward.

 Lip: using lacquer red - A modern, fresh take on alluring Japanese lacquer red with glossy texture.
Final look :) 
Which lip colour you prefer on me? I kinda like lacquer red actually! See it on how many selca i've taken with the look you'll know hahahahaha

Retail price for each lipstick is RM78.00 while the nude palette is RM180.00
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Vivian Yuen said...

Beautiful shades of red! I love baby flame on you~


Chiew Nee said...

I love all the lipsticks color! so niceee =D

Heaven Knows

Carynie Lim said...

Love your lipsss so much!!

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