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13 May 2014

After movie 13 May 2014 (2:00am)

Can't believe I'm blogging at this hour @.@ I just got home. Had a badminton session just now and also watched a midnight movie show as well. "The Other Women", this movie inspired me, and this is the reason why i'm typing here. Such an awesome movie!

Have you ever imagine how would you do when you in this situation?! Honestly, I can't handle it. For real. Is like I might get insane >< This probably the worst thing to me. I was thinking, can I overcome it in the calm way or totally gone insane? I will think about it deeply after this haha

Hmmm...I trusted on fate. I believe good or bad thing happen with a reason. We might not know why is this happen when it's happening, perhaps you will get to know why when thing settled. Well, if he is a bad guy, then bad guy won't stay. No one can hide anything bad forever.
I've been seeing a few friends of mine breaking up one by one. I see it like a trend now! lol Like breaking up trend?? I don't wish this continue happen >< I want every single couple good and sweet like how it used to be. Be honest to your other half and also trust.

I'm writing this now does not mean that I have a problem with him alright. Is just some inspiration popping out after the movie decided to share some thoughts here since my laptop is on. :)

Anyway, to who is facing this problem now. Just go for it. If you don't have the confident to turn back his/her heart to you. Then just let it be, don't suffer yourself. Maybe just like what says in the movie,  you probably gain friends by losing one men. It doesn't seems to be that bad right? haha

No harm, is just my one feeling and thoughts. Not sure I'm saying this right or wrong, just take is as a nonsense or whatever.


Vivian Yuen said...

Such a cute post Anerly, goodnight!



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