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10 August 2015

About my parents - Malaysia's Resume

Have you ever thought about sharing a story? I love to tell stories about my life to my friends because every time we share a little about ourselves we gain knowledge and learn from each other’s lives. I believe everybody has gone through different and interesting experiences that deserved to be listened, shared and learned from them.

I came across a website Malaysia’s Resume  and I noticed that it was a platform to share my thoughts and stories about inspiring Malaysians. After I read some of the stories on the website, I was truly inspired and touched by their words. 

This triggered a motivation in me to write a story of how my parents inspired me to be the woman that I am now. The love that they have shown me and the tough times we have gone through bonded us, making us stronger. 

My lovely big family :)
Photo taken during mom's birthday <3 

It’s not difficult to express yourself and it's really fun to write a story about how your family inspired you. Also, don’t forget to say Thank You to them because no matter what happens in your life, they are your parents, your guardian angels and supporters. Show them your appreciation as it is the best thing to do in return. Check out and submit your story and if you have the time check out mine HERE. The best part of it is that you can share your story in different forms such as writing, video, or even in pictures. Just do anything that feels comfortable and that reflects who you are!


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