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13 March 2016

Peau Ultime first trial :)

My new skin product to try! Peau Ultime silk mask + moisturiser cream

Looking at the clean and neat packaging design makes me fall more on the products.

Peau Ultime has 2 different type of silk mask which one is brightening mask and another is hydrating. I got myself the hydrating one cause sensitive skin like mine needs more hydration.

  • Hibiscus Esculentus extract infuses the skin with hydrating moisture, helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Infused with Hyaluronic Acid to assist in penetration of the skin and deeply replenishing the skin moisture.
  • Contains Vitamin E & C, helps in reducing dullness. Skin appears dewy fresh, translucent and alive with youthful radiance.

The silk is really thin and fits my face perfectly. Silk us a porous fibre that has strong absorption function where its moisturizing effect is 5-10 times that other ordinary mask sheet.

Small face problem, mask sheet always oversized LOL but luckily it is silk mask makes the mask fit better. 

Take off the mask after 15-20min and gently massage. Then continue with Peau Ultime Perfect Cream. Bare skin turn out radiant and dewy after mask ^^

Peau Ultime - Ultimate Perfect Cream

This is the high performance multi-action moisturizer that helps protecting the skin against environmental damage and prevent it from premature aging.
Super soft texture contain natural extract that easily absorb allows soothes skin for long-lasting hydration and leave skin feeling smooth and radiant.

I really love the smooth touch of the perfect cream and it absorb very quick. It's perfect to apply it after the silk mask. Besides, it is a combination on serum & moisturizer. Which mean you can use it right after toner, simply skin one step of your daily skin care routine *wink* 

Peau Ultime is a product from Taiwan. I personally thinks that Taiwan skincare product suits better to our skin. All this while I've been using Taiwan skin product and im confident with Taiwan product. 
Overall, to me Peau Ultime product suits my sensitive skin and it does work really well on me. I think I need to make another order for the silk mask now :/ 

For better and clearer steps on how to apply them: 
Ive attached a youtube video below :) 

More info you can check out their official website as well : 


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