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17 February 2017

The Face Shop - YEHWADAN review

Hey guys! Still reading my blog or not? πŸ˜‚  I should be continue blogging few months back but laziness kill 😐  Europe trip & my wedding post still pending thou.

Anyway, we skip to this skincare post first because i can't wait to share with all of you about this wonder serum I got from The Face Shop
I not sure if you noticed, im not a big fan of Korean skincare although their product packaging are all tempting. I personally thinks that my sensitive skin doesn't works with their products before I tried on YEHWADAM.
If im not mistaken, The Face Shop is the first Korean skincare brand that I know since years back. The brand give me a very professional and high standard sense. But I never tried on any of their product since then.

It was my pleasure to get to try on their new launch product, which is the Yehwadam Revitalizing Serum anti aging care. 

Yeh (θ˜‚) herbs & plants
Hwa (花) flower
Dam (譚) story

Refer to my research about Yehwadam Anti Aging Care Line, I found that Korean women, even hundreds of years ago, used natural traditional herbs and flower extracts found in Korea’s cleanest and pristine areas to make sure their skin looked invigorated and revitalized.

So this how YEHWADAM was created, “Ye” meaning herbs and plants, “Hwa” referring to flowers and “Dam” as in the story behind the beauty secrets of Korean women.

By carefully selecting the best and cleanest areas of Korea to find these herbs and flower extracts, Yehwadam’s vitalizing line will help create such vitalizing and invigorating skin.

And now the problem is, why do we need anti-aging when you are still in the early 20's? Most of you might thought, anti-aging products are for women that in the age group of of 30's - 50's. I think this is not the right view. Women should start preventing aging effect since early 20's. Anti-aging is works to prevent not to heal. 
But there is another point that says, anti-aging product sometimes are too rich for young skin. Well, I agree with this point, however there are still products that comes in light texture but works good in anti aging too! This is why I love YEHDAWAN Revitalizing Serum. 

This serum comes in a very light texture and it absorb real quick. It's a revitalizing serum with a one of a kind dewy texture that immediately provides a healthy and vibrant skin finish without leaving a sticky residue. I suggest you to use it after your daily toner & lotion but before moisturizer cream. 

Main Features
High nutrition concentrate helps to revitalize and re- energize skin
Contains *Ceramide: regenerates skin

Added Ingredients
*Lotus Flower extract: soothes the skin and provides anti-aging effect by re-energizing the skin *Honeysuckle Flower extract: removes puffy and red areas of the face with its cool property

*Post-it texture: adheres to skin without leaving sticky residue on both the skin and fingers
Beige colored with glue-like dewy texture

Soft Korean herbal and floral scent 

For the whole range of YEHWADAM anti-aging line contains the best of the best ingredient such as Ginseng from Gyeongbuk Province, Safflower from Sancheong Jirisan mountain and Goji Berry from Chungnam Province πŸ’― !
These ingredients are carefully selected from the cleanest and pristine areas of Korea and formulated to deliver a youthful and modern anti-aging skincare based on Korean traditional medicine.  

Besides the revitalizing serum, I'm lucky enough to get to try on another product which is also in Yehwadam range, they called it Snow Lotus Brightening Pearl Capsule Cream πŸ’–

A brightening tone-up pearl capsule cream that contains glowing white pearls and rare snow lotus ingredients in a concentrated capsule form for moisturized skin that is as white as snow
(Anti-wrinkle + Brightening) 
Special double care with real pearl-like capsules that deliver skin brightening tone-up effects and oriental herbal essence that hydrates the skin.

Have you heard of Snow Lotus? It is the main ingredients that contain in this capsule cream. Snow lotus, like ‘ginseng’ and ‘nokyong’, is considered luxurious/mystic/rare/famous ingredient in Asia. It is a very rare herbal ingredient that is known as ‘the emperor’s herb’.
As a traditional herb medicinal plant, it was perceived as a rare, mysterious ingredient that was very difficult to find, so only the ancient emperor or chief assistants were able to eat it
It is well known for its brightening and anti-aging effects 

Why is this YEHWADAM Snow Lotus capsule cream so different with others? 

1. Freshly kept concentrated ingredients
Made into a capsule, minimizing the amount of time in contact with air so it does not oxidize or contaminate with dust, thus the freshly kept concentrated nourishing ingredients can directly absorb into the skin

2. Pearl ingredient that directly absorbs into the skin
A new type of cream formula made using brand new technology. Emphasize the special capsule formula with the image of pearls. Deliver the luxurious and special image of the product by linking it with pearls or jade beads that royalties and beautiful women used from long ago

3. Emphasize the image of being the leading product in cream categories
A differentiated formula from the instant brightening creams out in the market, making it the leading trend in Korean skin care 

The texture of this cream its a little bit creamer, but it do quick absorb as well. For this capsule cream, I suggest you to use it after serum. Maybe can treat it as your moisturizer too πŸ˜‰

Get your ass up and go shop for The Face Shop new range YEHWADAN Anti-Aging Care Line! I bet you will fall in love with them 😘
Last but not least, I hope you enjoy scrolling my blog once again. 

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