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13 March 2011

happy birthday Doris

Is another birthday party in this week :) coming there's another friend's birthday! LOL so many of u born in this month huh? March, sam yut (cantonese) sang sang mang mang (cantonese) is it? lame me... ;)

well, yesterday was Doris Ong's birthday! the dolphin girl~ hehe! We reach there about 9 if not mistaken, she held at Golden Bayview! A nice place for party, is clean and quite cheap too! wait about half hour, the gang reach! noisy yet fun gang~ hah! Lotsa friend attend, so happening...Doris is super excited, keep saying wana open up those pressie, she happy that she got lotsa pressie! cute girl~ ^^
Girls have girls talk~ guy have their game too! Is a good gathering tho~ been quite few weeks dint join with them ! miss them! :)

with the birthday girl  

amantha :) my aya bf !

pauline, the nice girl 

i look so dark beside her,  

the muffin aka mifyn! :)

the rocker russell and the good guy jn tan

the silly lunior and the kid kenzt chang

LOL, their lying down game ><

we went back about 1a.m, is kinda early for them, cause some of them just reach...
Those photo is taken by my iphone, due to camera out of batt.. so is kinda blur, sorry~ :)


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