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9 March 2011

buddy's bufdae 09/03

I'm gonna blog for my buddy's lil birthday celebration, she is Tan Penny. The party held in hard rock hotel penang, which only for her best usssss! hahaha~ only 12pax! This is good held in this way actually... We went dinner before that~ italiano pizzassss! so close to each other! i like! chit chat non stop, full of laughter! who says less ppl could'nt have fun? we had lotsa fun! hah! But too bad three of us need to back earlier cause need to work on the next day :(
We got a pressie for her! hehehe~ is a soft toy a "lehhbit" LOL she always said wanna steal my lehhbit back home...hmmm i know my lehhbit is cute! teeheee
Not much photo taken that night, cause we all are busy talking. And no photo of myself too, cause im letting my eyebrow my eyebrow currently is kinda thick and messy lah~ i wanna re-shape it maaa :p

the only picture with her before leaving  

he is in love with this craw shoe  

I got something wanna share with u guys~ 
u can ignore this if u already know about this thing! :) 
This is call Air Mail Pack...did u heard about this before? I bought it on the day i search for penny's present! They are just cute, and i just bought it! hehehe You can keep anything u wan for vacation~ they are just a invisible plastic bags actually =.=, but they are cute okay! It comes with a few sizes and different design. 
show y'all pictures~  i bought the same design as below, weeeeeee :)

And i bought this too~ one for me and another for my! ^^ 
also bought the same design as below...

That's all for my sharing~
Forgive me if im too late for this kinda product :) 




mont said...

hi ~

tse huey said...

that plastic bags can put what i wan to put due to the size ???
hmmm but whats the special of ail mail pack ??

mont said...

they got few sizes..u can choose! i dont know whats special of it, but i know is cute! :)

Jess said...

LOL whr did the claw shoes was bought hahaha kinda unique!! =)

mont said...

from thailand... hehe!

sweetly wenyee said...

where can I buy it ya? :)

mont said...

i bought at Sunway Carnival Mall~

Maggie Wong said...

the air mail pack is so cute!

Anonymous said...

what's the shop in sunway carnival mall? plan 2 buy 1 :)

mont said...

yea~ is cute :)
the shop name Mini Toons, is beide S&J :)

深蓝色 said...

nice blog.thumb sup!

tse huey said...

ohh!! cute plastic bag ohh..
hmmm need to have some..=p

mont said...

thank 深蓝色 :)
tse huey: yea yea! they r nice! go grab 1~

Lurieen said...

hey gal! nice blog wey, hmmm da air pack mail too, plan to see at sunway tonight =D

Nicole said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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