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6 March 2011

sunday :)

wake up early, mom is going to india today... me and boyfie drive her to airport! she will go for 10 days~ hmmm no more mom's cooking dishes for 10 days~~~ down...
mom go there for religious practice, for all of us! including anyone of u too  this is meaningful!
Headed to Queensbay Mall after that for shopping! weeee~ *wink* bought two tops today, one from F.O.S and another from F21.. again...i spend! ><
i told myself to keep the money save for BKK trip, but i cant control myself! well yes! imma shopaholic. He
and me planning to go bkk lovely sister mifyn going too...we're having the same target, is to shop till drop! hah! hmmm....and the boyfie said he just wana have a good massage! opps! is a real massage ok. :) oh yea...mifyn's thai friend catherine going with us too, she is our tour guide this time! lovely :)
went his house after that...his mom cook my favourite laksa! yay!! super yummy~ thank u auntie! Accompany him watch drama too~ but i fell asleep :( sorry baby~ 
Just finish dinner with dad...hmmm~ 'dai pai dong' nice! full~
Not much photo today~ hehe 

my hair color is fading >< and it looks messy, dislike!


MaxC Chin Wei said...

Oh, u create this header? Very nice.

mont said...

u say leh? my photoshop ki cia d~ this 1 i go net find 1... :D

MaxC Chin Wei said...

haha.. all return to lecturer liao.. which web u search from? mind to tell? =)

mont said...

wahhh~ this is a big question! i cincai find 1...u try search blogkin!

MaxC Chin Wei said...

haha, okok. ;)

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