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5 March 2011

is saturday night here blogging now, hehe!
Well, its saturday, due to "dai yi ma" visit, im not going out tonight :)
Stay home edit photos and upload to FB now...cause some friends ask me to update more! hmmmm...hope u guys like it!
im so hungry now actually, dad and mom went to auntie house, the left me alone again T.T 
my baby going  'for tang' with his family, a boring saturday night for me! ><''
Recently im finding skin hydrating mask, any recommended brand? my skin really sooo darnnnnn laggg of hydration! Beautician says, i need to do mask everyday! Is everyday u know?!  OMG
how do i survive? someone help me please~ tell me which mask works! 

hey!  bunny behind there!

silly us! hah!

my baby 

we went black jack on wednesday night! 
is a good place for chatting with friends! :)


cymin said...

i heard ppl said that neutrogena hydrating mask quite good d! ;D

mont said...

owhh~ xie xie ni ke ai xiao jie! :)

Samantha said...

aren't you using SK II ? It doesn't work?

mont said...

i finish it doesn'twork for me :(

Hanhan said...

maybe u can try ' Beautymate' is new product from HK and recommended by Queen (Nv ren wo zui da).

ahleong said...

mont mont !!!

Anonymous said...

shu uemura one, very very very extremely full of hyration~~~

huixin said...

Hada labo !! heh

danson said...

blog more.. =)

Winnie [JOO MINA] said...

otherwise you can try this one
is easy to use and portable. :)

mont said...

thank u babes :) i will figure it out which suits me ♥

❤ M!sS *T* ❤ said...

ellooo ♥ mONT !
*SKINFOOD* 's mask not bad pun,
i try b4,
bu cuo ! bu cuo !

mont said...

miss T!! skin food huh? okay okay~ i tried their cucumber mask before too! quite ok de :) thx ya!

Alan said...

Black Jack food sucks lo... nice meh?

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