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2 March 2011


never blog for so long and a half year maybe? :))
alright, where should i start? well...i think i'll act like im just a newbie in blogging, i will feel better in this way.. ><
cause, i totally forget how to create those nice layout for blog, even which website to find them! hahaha owh ya! also the banner for blog! omg! could someone help me? pleaseeee....
ok! guess i'll stop here, cause i really gonna do some searching...
ciao! wanna create a nice nice bloggie skin for y'all 


MaxC Chin Wei said...

I thought u study graphic last time? U can create by urself or ask ur graphic friend for help. =D
Your post title sound like cosway brand mia condom... = =''

mont said...

lolllll!!! cosway gok, u always brought from them is it?! XD i can create myself la...just im lazy! hah!

MaxC Chin Wei said...

Wey, I'm not la... I just saw tht thing from their magazine. >"< Lazy pulak... haha

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