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16 March 2011

job on 13/3

Yea, is another modeling job last week, is a bridal house from island. This is the second time work with them. Well..for me, being model for a bridal house is kinda hard than a normal outing photo shoot :( cause, is a whole day thing! Under the big sun at noon! Owh my goodness! 晴天霹雳!
Thanks for my helping me again for this session :) guess no one else can be my partner besides him 
I do modeling is because i like it! hah! and second is i wish to keep every growing period of mine yea i know im getting elder, work with different photog i can see different angle on myself.

yea! i♥my job 

Will show u guys some first session pichass

he said he looks like uncle in this look XD

Following camwhore photos of second session! hahaha
Will show u guys the final outcome of second session in the future :) 

world peace! hah!

love him to the max! 
女版达浪 ><

upcoming is a sharing / selling post! XD 


I'm Angeline said...

so nice dear~~you look so perfect on all ur album =) keep this~!

Yumi Faye said...

All nice pic,and u two look so match❤Stay sweet ya:))

Weijoo Lim said...

Stay Sweet♥

Anonymous said...

so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!! (phoebe)

mont said...

thank u guys~ muahhhh! :)

Karen said...

wei wei nice leh~~~

HueyShan said... are so nice Anerly ♥

cymin said...

It's Awesome !

Renee said...

sweet and cute!!Like!=)

MaxC Chin Wei said...

All these are cute! Love'em! ♥

sweetly wenyee said...

wa suka...:D

I m. min said...

so sweet =)

mont said...

thx guys :D

Chiayee ♥ said...

Such a good Job. So nice ! ;)

Xiao Shuang :) said...

wish to get such job, really enjoy!

Christy said...

this is so so so so nice! I bet after this photo release to the public in their shop, surely i lot of people find them to take for them!! Nice!

mont said...

thankss girls ♥
christy: thank u :)some photo already frame up in their shop , hehe

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