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24 March 2011

little sharing ♥

Did u guys planning to go for a backpacking to taiwan? But so headache about find a cheap yet comfortable hotel to stay? I'm here sharing a website for y'all~
In here u can set a budget to find hotel that suits u..and u can select the nearest place from where u wana visit as well! Is quit convenient  :) 
They even shows coming events! so good right? They provide all the nice room~ well clean! With good interior even in a low budget  

Me and went facial just now~ hehe! usually twice in a month! owhh~ polka dot face come back again T.T, i don't like pimples seriously...but what to do? They love me >< This time, beautician says the same thing to hydrating mask everyday ah u! Last few days my skin occurs sensitivity! I was like OMG! Why my face become so gruff ... ><  I think is some infection from something...but now in recovering state d! phewwww~ god bless me! 

This photo months ago, is on his birthday last year at Vintage Bulgaria :)

bye bye 


tsehuey said...

but why ur face never look like so serious as you say~???
so u realy do hgydrating mask every day ??

Voen Pang said...

I'm feel ur skin ok wow^^ Like like

fotballgal said...

i saw hello kitty near ur pi gu thr!!haha...u dont pang pui 4 her ahhh~~
which shop u go?

mont said...

fotballgal: i wont pang pui for her 1 u dont worry kay? hehe! huh?? which shop? u mean beauty saloon ah?

voen: cause now ok d maa...hehehe! actually is last week mia pasal! >< hahahaahaha

tsehuey:hmmm...cause now recover d! :) umm...i lazy...hahaha! but i got do also laaa~

fotballgal said...

haha..yea.ur skin nt tat bad as u said ah..

TSE HUEY said...

icic~ then u do facial at where d ??
which shop ?

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