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27 March 2011

an energizing day

Today is the day...the day to pass all the tissue pouch to my customer?! LOL yea~ costumer...hah! So nervous, i dont know why =.= is like, omg! im doing business right now, am i? Been waiting one and a half hour earlier with mua at ice-ice baby...waiting them one by one pass by! I feel good tho~ :) Earning money always feels good... Although doesn't earn much, but at least i sold everything out now! Yay! Dear babes~ 2nd stock coming... :D
Opps! Goods sold are not returnable! hehehe
Headed to Big Head Studio after that, hmmmm...i hate my hair hate my fringe! Felt so boring about my flat thick bang! Gonna chop chop chop~ >< haha! joking joking ... Just had a fringe shorted, and a small layering~ but how come still flat? LOL cause i planing keep my hair long long long~ huhu! So better keep grow with flat 1...
I always go Big Head Studio, for every hair do! Cause Zac( the stylist) knows what i want! Yet we are friend too~ hehe. Yea....been let him do my hair style since 2008 if not mistaken~ u guys can have a try to his studio too! :) His wife, Joie is a make-up artist, honestly a good make-up artist!

Thanks to my for driving me here and there today~i love u kay? hehe 

Big Head Studio 
Location: Bukit Mertajam, beside Jit Sin private
Joie's make-up

nom nom nommmm :)
ok, i look weird here ><
Bought some hair product today, been having serious hair fall recently..
sob sob T.T 


sweetly wenyee said...

o~ davines shampoo.. :D

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