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5 April 2011


Im feeling like share some old photo of me and my boyfie 
Without notice, we've been together one year half d...but seems felt like we been together for so long! After start working, everyday we meet, in office! This make me cant live without him >< i shouldn't have this kind of thinking indeed. For his carrier, he need to travel to other country for business...once in a while he will have to leave me like for 2 weeks or more maybe? :( But he promise that will bring me everytime after he can handle everything! huhu~ yayy!! *evil smile* i will follow u wherever u may go, imma just love to stick with u! LOL
On this coming friday, well apparently is his china with his dad. Dont worry baby i will stay strong!

I will show some of my oldie photo too~ hahaha!
My oh my...hope i dont make u guys vomit! teeheee

09' august 

09' august, with jason after Spotlight TeenIdol search

during a fren's wedding dinner :)

crepe cottage! after photoshoot 09'

movie night, Clash Of The Titan 

our first time go QB mall together! hah!

uncle bryan's bday at Hard Rock Hotel

his birthday, at genting last year

last year CNY

shit! i look so old ><

langkawi 10'

KL 09'

KDU 10'

genting 09'

sunway carnival mall 10'

KDU library~

wahhhh~~ sia sui!!

Berjaya Hotel KL 09'

starting lazy upload photo d... forgive me...i guess this enough d right? hahahahhahaha~ 


Mimi said...

wa~ the last second photo.
Is it u two singing? Where? XD

emmy lee said...

stay sweet~

mont said...

mimi:performing...2009 Spotlight校花校草final :) he just be my partner.
emmy: thank u :)

Anonymous said...

wah!cute couple~

nee said...

so sweet=)

fotballgal said...

wahhh....beh tong ahh~~~~sweet dao bao!!!!!+oil +oil my dear~~=D

sandy said...

handsome boy and pretty girl~
what ur bf work that need him to always go overseas?

Chiayee ♥ said...

Sweet dao... ;) Stay it Mont !

mont said...

thx girlss ♥
sandy: help his dad in business lo! hehe

JiaXin said...

nice photo~sweet sweet=)
happiness forever^^

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