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8 April 2011


Had a dinner with's gang last night...Is like a farewell for him? LOL he only go for two weeks laa...hahaha! Obviously, he is in china right now...poor baby...he had to sit airplane like for 10 hours! cause need to change planes in guangzhou to another place that calls......................i forget what place d! sorry... :D
i will miss u my darl! miekkkkkkkkk~
Return to the topic, is like he dint meet his buddies for so long, few months maybe? Cause some of them went kl & malacca (if not mistaken) for further studies! Opps! and he is busying for me~ *evil*  NONONO! I ain't that kind of girl okay? LOL im goooood... :D
All of his gang shown up last night, accept for Tatt, he is haven't come back...
Met our girl too~ Soo Ting! Me and mifyn miss her alot! She's getting prettier~ 

the sweet muffin 

i looks ugly with hairs up ><

the soo ting 

No guys photo of the night, cause they are all camera shy! ><
Owh ya, i went for movie on thursday night with Invasion! Interesting~ :)
Hmmm....i felt embarrassed, but i have to say it! It was my first time been to 1st Avenue since its like few months ago?! ><  sounds stupid. Planning to go with my girls this sunday! For me, the mall feels lil bit like Pavilion, or should says its a mini Pavilion?! Seems the shops haven't fully open, but at least having Cotton On opened..
Recently...m hair become so dry! Hey! Don't ask me put water on my hair pls~ hahaha (got this joke from mifyn) it will never help okay? My hair needs moisture, hydration, and shines! HELP!!! Even worst is that im having hair loss problem too! My oh my~ will i bald? Noooooooo!!  T.T
Do u having the same problem? Do u found the solution? Tell me the solution! Any hair mask recommend?  I need it urgently...  

do i focus on the cam? 

see my super dry hair? :(


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