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11 April 2011

upon hill

Why upon hill? LOL actually we went dinner on saturday, the restaurant located at Teluk sort of a up hill restaurant and it's surrounded with trees... The restaurant named Tree Monkey, what a interesting name given! :) We all like the environment, its really a nature kind of restaurant! Very comfortable, except at the night mosquitos will bite bite bite! Owh~ and the annoying kitty keep walking under our dining table! ><
Is super jam that night, i have no idea about it! We went out like about 830 p.m then we reach there 1030p.m if not mistaken, horrible isn't it? Should call as supper.

opps! It's me, before heading out :)

Business Hour : 9.00am – 11.00pm (Sun – Thurs), until midnight (Fri & Sat)
Location : Lone Craig Villa, Lot 595, Mukim 2, Jalan Teluk Bahang, 11100 Penang, Malaysia.
TEL : +604-881 3494

group, u're here too! hahahahaha

After our super late dinner, we headed to Straits Quay for the Charlie Brown Cafe...but too bad, the shop closed when we reach! :(( Cause is 1200 d...hahaha! Blame ourself then. Fortunately outside of their cafe have some cute charlie brown and friends wallpaper! I'ts super cute! Charlie Brown and Snoopy was my childhood favorite cartoon, i even done a scrapbook for them! Its just all about them~ but mom threw it d :(

he hold my hand!! dont jealous okay! LOL

this is in HK 1

Lots of friend asked me, do i wear color lens? Well, i have color lenses...but i don't really like to wear it, cause it makes my eyes feel dry and sometimes its painful. So i dint often wear lens, unless sometimes for photoshoot purpose only :) I get lots of news from youtube about those infection eyes after wearing contact lens. Im so afraid of that actually. The germs are disgusting. eeewww~ ><


Ashli Pang said...

ooo,so that night u are with sky together, dint realize u were there..should say halooo to u=)

mont said...

huh??? u were there too?? so ngam ??

Ashli Pang said...

ya,we bump into u guys at the restaurant first, while walking also, my bf got chat with sky one=)

mont said...

oh yakah?? i dint notice wor~~~ u dint call me ><

Ashli Pang said...

i also just realize after saw ur pic with him=)lol

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