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15 April 2011

de espera

It means "waiting" actually :) in spanish! Google translated it~ teehee
 I'm still waiting for him...left 7 days! It is hard, but i think i can handle it. Consoling myself....
Today went! face become sooo in red dots! >< i hate it! I wan smoother and fairer skin...
Actually, i have no idea what to blog about >< Owh ya, this coming bangkok time! wohooo! Happy Been craving for so long for this trip, and finally here it comes! Super exciting!! I bet many of y'all went there d right? hmmm....but its my first time tho ^^ Lots of shopping mall over there right? Friend told me there is Siam Paragon Mall, Platinum Mall, Central World, The Emporium  MBK, those night market and so on that called as a must go place! I swear i will shop untill my ass drop! LMAO
Went Redbox, at 1st Avenue last sunday :) well much of us like singing and apparently...we love Redbox! hehehe~ They all can sing well! :)

sorry... =.= busying with the messy hair

For those of u who bought tissue pouch from do u feel about it? 
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