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18 April 2011


Just finish a pear, hehe! So juicy~ i don't like pears actually, i eat them cause i don't wanna get sick again! ><  Alright, yesterday was a super exhausting day! Went for online shop shooting, from mainland to the island~ Im sure that all of them were tired like hell ! Von join us this time, yea this is the second time i work with them...remember the Is them again! :D They all are so nice to work with~ play while working! nice 1! teheee...
The team. Behind the scene LOL

the mango flavor! eat while working too :)

After Shooting, rushing back home to get ready for the night date with friends, both of them from KL. Nice friends of mine, gonna miss them! :) Brought them to Straits Quay for dinner, they like that place! We went Charlie Brown Cafe, this time the shop didn't close yet...cause is still dinner them! hehe, comment of this cafe...not so good.. No on table order service, only one lane for ordering...long queue last night >< and the food was...not so good too! But the place is nice tho~ wide and comfortable! :) 
There's a  guy propose to his girlfriend in Charlie Brown last night~ so sweet of them! Everyone was clapping~ hehe! 

see the guy in the right corner with blue t-shirt? He is the one who propose.

I had a good day, night :) 


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