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27 April 2011

thingy things

Hello guys...been a week din't blog d, but here i am to blogging now! hah! Nothing special to blog about actually, is just busy dating with the boyfie teheeee~   I just change my bloggie skin...the owl family! I'm lovin it! Aren't they so adorable? :) My bro came back in town last week, and he is now back in aussie again -.- duh! Not much days for this time home coming trip...cause he went Korea & HK for like 3 weeks! hng!! He loves travel than his family ><'' sad case! I asked him to buy korean mask for me..when the time on the way back from the airport....
i asked : hey bro! did u buy mask for me?
bro: got! i bought 2 biji ...
me: @.@?? why is in biji?? i ask u buy mask lehh...
bro: one biji is apple and another biji is tomato
me: i cant wait to see those biji thingy! LOL

here they are, the TONYMOLY
sorry, weird angle snapped
some definition for u :)

Appletox: Tony Moly Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream contains keratin extracted from green apple, papaya and other fresh vegetables to provide moisture and to better eliminate waste and clean up old skin cells.
The active fruit acids contained in green apples eliminate cuticles in pores, allowing the skin to have more effective absorption of the nutrients provided by masks and other daily skin care products.
The keratin extract of papaya leaves the skin fresh, transparent and clean. By giving a massage, you will make your skin healthier and livelier.

TomatoxTony Moly Tomatox Brightening Mask contains fresh tomato and vegetable extracts. With the bright red granules of oxygen bubble, it purifies the skin and then provides a large amount of oxygen deep into the skin, instantly leaving the skin fair, smooth and delicate with an even tone.
Tomato is rich in vitamins and minerals. It can get rid of the toxins of skin. The product is especially suitable for sensitive skin. Vitamin A and lycopene, the anti-oxidizing ingredients of tomato, are widely used in the pharmaceutical sector to help control puffiness and relieve chafing.
Therefore, this product is suitable for sunburned skin, skin with accumulated melanin, as well as dull skin due to poor blood circulation or bad living habits.

my sis and bro. hehe bought me and mifyn a Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet from Mac in china. I bet design student should know what it is, and probably hardly love it! XD I love it too, but i sold mine last time...cause thought i no longer need it, stupid thinking! >< But here comes new one! yay!! (thanks uncle) :) 

Use it to do illustration :)

I bought a drawn painting canvas at AutoCity on last saturday.. Yes! Is drawn kind, all u need to do is just paint with numbers that is stated.. hehe~ design for lazy people like me! hah! 
I love to paint than draw~ so this is the choice! 
 this is it, before paint :)
colors and brushes provided :)
not until half yet, LOL

upcoming will be the bangkok trip post! wait me wait me! 


Anonymous said...

so nice ur blog it...
where can find it?

Linda here..❤

mont said...

from shabby blog :)

Anonymous said...


♥jinglim said...

the drawn painting is finish can put on blog? i think is beautiful..

mont said...

i will try my best to finish it asap...hehehe! i will post out when its done :)

♥jinglim said...

haha...i waiting for u :)

Anonymous said...

Hi,mind to tell me hw much is the tomato n apple mask?is it nice to use?

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