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9 May 2011

el escape de Bangkok

Where to begin with? Is like too much thing to share about and photo is so many need to arrange >< I think i will post the day we reach and day 1 first~ better and clearer! :) 

check in -ing ! * i love my back, cause cant see my face* :D

While waiting for boarding...we met a family~ they are malaysian, but moved to singapore for years ago~ The auntie said to us...wah! nowadays young people very enjoy life huh? Can travel here and there and all hand holding Iphone! Last time when we were in ur age, we even dont know how is airplane looks like! We was like~ ok auntie....But i felt she got her point also laa...nowadays young people like us really like to enjoy our life gao gao 1! teeheee~ but one thing! We work hard for it and play hard too! Agree?? :D

i think he is prettier than me ><
Catherine and Mifyn  aka avatars  LOL

landing soon :)

We reach about 7p.m Bkk time, after landed our luggage in Catherine's aunt house...first stop!! Night market nearby...that place called Lasik Lotus if not mistaken hehe. Is super hot there! But we just don't bother about sweating and hungriness..just shop shop buy buy non-stop! *laugh out loud* The thing is cheap cheap and cheap! Especially girl stuff ~ XD

after about 2 hours walk 

supper time! the super hot&spicy fried noodle -.-

bumped into a few Taiwanese in 7-11, they came for Herbal Life world tour meeting. They are so nice! Got their FB too! hehe~

I drink this each a day :D Imma just in love with the prune smell ! It taste and smell just like the "Brands Prune Essence". Nice one! 

Day 1 
We went Union Mall and Siam Paragon and some nearby shopss. Shopping time again! hahaha~ 

make up, hair do, dressed up! 

our fav shot! XD 

outfit of the day :) all from the Lasik night market hehe

with my :)

shoesssssss !!

alot of people queueing in the shop waiting for this....i dont know what is it call... -.-

icy ice! 


New hairstyle from bangkok! hahaha~ he said this kind of thin hairstyle will only appear in his highschool period... lol

walking for the whole day~ sweating non time to have a quick hair wash! :D 

see the moving snack? hahaha~ creative! 

Will upload day 2 soon 


Alan said...

Syok-nyerrrrr! But lots of food photos! Makes ppl hungry and jeles!!!

sweetly wenyee said...

they told me Bongkok there de hair setting very tahan 1.. izzit?

mont said...

alan: mai kc kc la! hahaha~
wenyee: not really fren's hair wake up in the morning gone d! lol

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