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10 May 2011


Lets continue the trip :) A bit lazy to write actually~ slap me! hahaha
Day 2, we went to a park name Dream World...catherine told us that place is just somewhere around her auntie's we called up a taxi~ then start heading....we took more than 1 hour to reach that so called near by park! We was like~ is that taxi driver brought us to the wrong place? Cause we been through places, highways, sleeps...still haven't reach! End up...the Dream World is located out of bangkok like another state already =.= stupid us!

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh help me!!!

 hucca shacca !!

come and fight with me u this head monster! 

we ain't sister! 

owhh~ my tired face :(

 chuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ..

spot the two siao lang! hahaha

The roller coaster here is way too exciting then ours ever!! But i din't play...cause i afraid of this ! >< My soul wil always be with u guys~ XD After the spinning machine they had...everyone is feeling dizzy, but not me! hahaha! So decided to go for some shops again~ Next station will be The Platinum Mall. 

 found these weird looking mannequin in the mall! Quite funny thou

 birdy eggs in mall! 

my fav sorbetsss in swensen.. yum yum~ 

Their swensen is much cheaper than ours actually~ hehe And spot the waitress? Their uniform is nice too! 

Nothing much, im almost done...Dint upload much of pictures, cause im feel sleepy =.= so sorry for that!
Here is the last day in bkk, is time to go home on Sunday :(  Took some picture of auntie's tidy house hehe

auntie's son! He is an artist of thailand~ handsome right? :)

with auntie :) thanks u so much ! see u again 

 here is the thing that i've bought, not much right? hehehe~ i also dont know why i bought this much only =.=

the prune essense i drink!! 

bought two of body scurp from Beauty Buffet! 
 hahaha! i gotta be a fair and lovely lady!
some picture are quite blur, cause im using my phone to snap due to camera out of battery, forgive me..
To me, bangkok is an amazing place for y'all! Spend without asking the price! hahaha~ trust me! Is worth to go for a visit at bkk ♥  Those people there are awesome! Fashionable in both guys and girls! make me feeling like wanna be one of them! LOL 

goodnight peeps. 


sweetly wenyee said...

U spend how much for the whole trip ya?

mont said...

plus air ticket, around 2k lo! hehe

♥jinglim said...

nice place~

Say Yie said...

first time leaving comment here. love your blog coz thr're so many awesome pictures of yours. :D and also pic of you and your boy. you guys look so perfect together! so meant to be couple. :))

Christy said...

Is already a lot of things you've bought back from there! Nice Trip! :D

mont said...

thanks jinglim & christy :)

anerly said...

hey say yie! thank u so much ya~ hehehe! :)

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