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15 May 2011

fifteenth of may

Hi guys! Time to blog now..hehe. Nothing much happen this week, and my painting is till left in the half way, imma still working on it! Apparently is kinda lazy mode recently ><
Auntie law ('s mom) bought me a box of mask, name WinBeauty. Any of you heard about this mask before? Is kinda amazing kind of mask, i felt la...use it 5 days continuously, after that ur skin will look fair, healthy, youthful and radiant! WOW! nice!! XD I've been use it for 4 days...i think it works! I felt firm and fair~ huhu!  Thanks anutie!

ignore the geli pajamas.

On last last week, me and went to a short holiday! Plus a project shooting. We went to MuntriMews, somewhere around Love Lane. Is quite a comfortable place to have a short holiday. Not big, but is comfortable. Y'all can try out this place~


night peeps


Anonymous said...

may i know where to buy the mask?? is it good for sensitive skin too?

Vachel said...

may i kno wat is the price for the room? ^^ thxx for answering ;)

Mei said...

hi, may i know how to put emoticon in the post??

mont said...

Vachel, im not sure about the price, cause is sponsored...but i think is around 300++ :)
Mei, i just copy the image only :)

anerly said...

hey the mask is from Winalite Global Sdn. Bhd. is kind of direct sales thing :)

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