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23 May 2011

lil intro of mine

Hello peoples! Today feeling like give y'all an introducing of  me & my family.
My name is anerly, and recently change to mont! hahaha~ but the end still feels anerly suit me best! :D You can still call me mont if u want to! Cause i felt mont is a nice name too! teeheee
Okay, i came from a small yet big family -.- I have 3 sisters and 1 brother and of course having my lovely parents, im the youngest! Well apparently all of them already married, so my family become bigger! My sisters still stay not far from me, but my brother...he is having his family at aussie :( far far away from us..The maid :) , her name is kiki..hahaha! cute name thou. She been follow us more than ten years~ she just like part of our family...she came here when she was sixteen!
As was a child...i been living under a big big tree! I got all the love from my family until i never feeling hurt meanwhile, they will give all the things i wish. Even though they take care of me very well, but once in a while i will have to stay home alone and take care my own too...cause my parents have own business. This shows im not fully a princess. hah! Still remember that i used to play barbie doll in room! Used to comb their hair, change their cloths! It's fun! :D Oh yes~ i like to play teacher game too! Did u guys play ? hahaha...i like to wear high heels and bring along a super auntie look bag to pretend like im a teacher! Teaching all my soft toys and barbie dolls ABC! * laugh my ass off *
I don't have much friends since small~ i don't know why...maybe i lack of interaction ><  But sooner in high interaction's skill getting better! LOL i make lotsa friends~ untill now, i got many friends d! huhu! Love making new friends :)
Now! Im feeling like having another family~ i guess y'all might know what i mean. hehehehe
Yes! Is the choo's family. I never thought that i can get so close to them as now...i felt there are just like my family. Lovely parents give me so much of cares and loves. The Choo's sisters! hehehe~ mifyn choo and yumiko choo. I guess only family can perfectly describe my feeling to them. With mifyn...No image, No secret, No awkward feelings between us..none at all.    
Thanks for blanco choo, bringing me to his lovely family. Thank you so much baby. Im glad that i got u.
其实我比你爱我更爱你  (loving this sentence till the max) You don't say graceful word, u don't always put the words i love u beside ur mouth, but i know how much u love, care, and concern about me. If u ask, shall we marry? I will probably shout YES I DO! hahahahahaha~

took this picture from the album cover of Inn Wedding :) soon we will have one for our own 

I think is enough to read d, i afraid that y'all might fall asleep if i keep on going.... :D


Chiayee ♥ said...

A lovely family ;) So sweet! Faster marry bahh !!

joie said...

fast fast 嫁 给他啦~ mrs choo

i used to cut my barbie doll hair when i was small, all my barbies were botak, lol~~~ and now i married to a hair stylist, :P

Anonymous said...

So sweet.....Your child to play the game, I have played. Ha ha ~ ~ ~ I really miss it..

anerly said...

chiayee: thanksss <3
joie: norhh~ this is call bao ying! :D
helo: yaya~ i love those game! :)

Wayne Teo said...

公然求婚。。 kakaka NICE~!

anerly said...

hahahahaahaha! =P

★SeE HoOi☆ said...

nice photo! ❤

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