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1 June 2011

it's first of june

Photo with the beloved :) Both in black for kaby's birthday. 

Time past in a blink of eyes, so fast June is here now. It means here we reach the middle of the year! What have i done in the past half year? I don't like a dream.
I remember when i was still a design student, is like everyday rushing for tonne of assignment that cannot be done in a short while. Felt so tired about it, and finally...i give up. :) I don't wanna let myself being so stress off...even i cried for some illustration that i can't finish on time :( feeling so bad about it! Thanks for lecturer that been giving me chances. Well, what i wanna say is, being a design student is not the easy and simple as u thought ok. It's way too hard that u can imagine.
These are some of the drawing i did in year one, honestly i learn from zero. I can't draw nicely when first day of  drawing class, my drawing was so terrible! Finally, i can draw a little nicer *wink*

These were in the printing class, we had a super nice lecturer which is a mexican man. hahaha! He likes to make jokes during lessons..we love him! 

Ummm...i forgot which lesson is it d...They are some typography and self journal in year two if not mistaken.

The sign board design. Inspired by domo animate. hahaha, i like that entrance sign! 

I think y'all might knew the thingy about 1st Avenue i won if u follow my fb...Is called the I FOUND FAME @ 1ST AVENUE. Knowing this competition thru mifyn...then we was like, lets join! Cause is easy, hah! Just send ur photo and fill up the form, that's it. Then when we was in bkk, mifyn received a call from 1st avenue saying that we getting thru d, want us to go for briefing...end up we din't go for briefing actually cause we cant fix their time. After the 1st shooting...i heard is from choose from 700++ to 120 then 10. WOW! How lucky am i can get thru the Top10 winner. hehehe And yes, the Top10 were the winner more 2nd runner up or anything. Me and Rainb represented CottonOn...yay!! The thing is, we got 1k CottonOn cash voucher!!! Awesome!! 

With 5 of the winners. :) Their photo was so darn nice!

This is the final outcome, we received a A1 size poster.  

The one year voucher! Comes in a debit card, each card contains rm500. :)

We went to a vegan restaurant for dinner after the prize given session. The restaurant named Ee Beng Vegetarian Food Center 毅明素食. Their food was amazing! We love to eat here. 
Located :
20 Lebuh Dickens, George Town (at Penang Rd)Penang 10050
Food we  had. :) Looks good and Taste good. 

Is my sleeping time~ got to go...bye! 


Sherlyn Lim said...

wow! your drawinga and post card are so nice!

Anthony Max Ch'ng said...

If u did those drawing from zero to hero. I would like to praise u. U have talent!
And congratz you won that 'I FOUND FAME' You're so lucky girl!And nice shoot! =D

joie said...

Congrats miss cotton on~

anerly said...

thank u thank u and thank u hahahahaha

sHin-Sea Chee said...

Wish your life always beautiful like this. =)
Impressed photo's shoot of you on my mind.

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