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4 June 2011


Never feel so free on saturday in quite a few months...been start working already, and yes! Saturday have to work too, and is full day. :) But is ok, cause i work together with my and mifyn. hahahahaha~ having so much fun in office thou...Stay home alone tonight cause papa and mami went relative's wedding dinner and im starvingggg right now >< didn't have lunch today too! Shit! Imma become zombie soon. By the way, can i have snacks as my dinner? Seems im gonna die very soon and become the real zombie! Hahahahaha...
Tomorrow will be going for facial~ yahuuuu! Love doing facial, with massage~ :) Thanks sheryn for introducing this new beauty centre and we are going together tomorrow! Tehee...
Today 3 of us (me,,mifyn) went filltheredbox again~ hehehe! So cheap for breakfast session on public holiday! Its only around rm15 per head. With one meal and one drink...but only 2 hours to sing =.= . Their vegan food improve quite had a vege prawn rice. WOW! It taste really good!

Last night went's highschool mate Sheryln Ng's 21st birthday bash at northam hotel, again is northam hotel. LOL But honestly the hotel is clean, good, and worth it. All that i can say is a princess birthday party...full of balloon as deco and its in pink...Only serve dessert, sort of cupcakes, donuts, jelly beans and so on...I love her birthday cake, looks so delicate and cute cause is not a big cake!
Owh...almost forget that we went to 7aste too...not much people attend the event this time and is kinda boring...perhaps is a good thing too cause wont so pack and hot.. :) Heard that this time they control number of guest...and once u go out, u can't come in second time. So strict huh? LOL
With the birthday girl. Sherlyn, if u see this...wanna say happy birthday to u again! :)
Meeting his old friends :)


Anonymous said...

Hi anerly! May I know which facial shop are you going? Can introduce me? =) thank you!

Eusoh said...

Hi Anerly! May I know what camera you using? TQ~

anerly said...

i not sure about the name actually...but is at Farlim, Penang
eusoh: Canon G11

Anonymous said...

How much does it cost each time of the facial treatment o? =) Thanks ya pretty Anerly. =)

anerly said...

around rm160 :)

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