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14 June 2011

14 of june

Since im so free tonight, decided to blog! But what's the topic of tonight's? How about what to eat for dinner? Okay...doesn't make sense. In fact, im just too boring and being so sick these days. Some of u might knew i get sick this few days right? Well yes i am...first is fever...second visit food poisoning....gosh! I've been thru for food poisoning about years ago...and here it comes again  I'm feelling 2011 ain't my year. Getting sick for few times in this half pass year or i might admit that im aging? Urgghhh! Faint! 
Alright, stop being so sick!  I got a question for y' u guys feel about my blog header? Do u like it? 
These days, i no longer drawing my eyebrow weeks ago..why? Cause i felt after i draw my eyebrow become darker and i look fierce  Seriously. I want a lighter eyebrow so that i won't always bringing out the two big fatty caterpillar..hahaha! Gosh! I asked few beautician help me make them to look softer. Fine! None of them willing to help. Their answer is...why u want to chop them away? Look nice what! I want also don't have! bla bla bla....The thing is, eyebrow is mine okay? But now...i think i found a person...for sure she will help make my eyebrow sui sui! hehehe! Wait for me joie khor ...

what do u think?? Topic of the day..."The Eyebrow"  Lmao 

Alright for today, instant noodle is waiting for me! Such a long time din't cook for for myself. Ciao~ 


vivien said...

interesting post, lolll

joie said...

but we got no fate leh, every time u visit big head, i also went out eh~~~ :(

anerly said...

vivien: thank you! hahahahaha
joie: visit i will call for your conformation! :D

Anonymous said...

Your blog header looks nice. What software you use to make it??

Chl♥e said...

can i ask u smtg, hmm..whr do u brought tis clothz? look vry 9s...i like the colour =D

anerly said...

I use for the blog header.
Chloe: i bought it from bkk :) i loving this color lately too! hehe

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