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19 June 2011

hello my sunday

My hair getting longer right? Yeah!!! Can't wait it come long long longggg~ But there is still people ask me to cut it shorter..Shor thair suit me more??  And my fringe is longer now too! Hahahahaaha
See? Told you! LOL
Alright, is sunday night again...tomorrow will be a brand new monday brand new week again. Hmmm.. i don't wanna wake up so early for work  ... But what to do? Work hard for better future! Hahahaha! Sound so hign aims. Went facial again just now, i love facial actually however i don't know what's the point of liking cause i spend quite alot on it...Oh My Gosh!!!! Why am i shouting like this? Cause im losing weight again...i hate i can see my shoulder bone already! Help Me!!   
Woke up early in the morning today, is another photo-shoot this morning. With Hayashi this time..plan this in a sudden last night LOL. Will see the result soon! hehehe~ Stay Tune yea  ! 

Today's outfit, japanese feel maybe? 


Min Er 敏 儿 said...

short more suit uuuuuu...xD

Frog's lullaby said...

i felt u looks nicer with long hair..

yEE said...

hi.anerly,u r so sweeett..even short or long hair also suit for u ur lil fans ^.^ thx for approve me as ur fren in fb!xoxo =D

anerly said...

thx for opinion babes :)
yEE: u're welcome! and thank u so much~ hehe

yaiyai_Nicole said...

haha.. you losing weight? try eat supper.. 100% u will gain weight.. own experience^^

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