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26 June 2011

s.u.n day

SUN day! Super hot day! urrghhhh...the sun makes people feeling so tired, sleepy, powerless...feels like gonna stay in the air-cond room whole day! I guess no one will survive without this mighty creature!
I need shopping so badly...the last time is at bkk i guess! wuuuuu~ almost 1 month many things wanna buy! Got bra laa, cloth, shoes, bags, and more more more!! Actually cloth that bought frm bkk haven't finish wearing... duh  But this is what we called girl...hehe! Never saying that cloth is enough even though the closet is full! 

Seems like in every 10 people will have 8 is using Iphone, so do i! ...earned alot huh? teehee~ Well i discovered that Samsung had some great smartphone too! Such as the Galaxy S , i've tried once before, their touching sensitivity is quite good as iphone thou..They are now having the new model of Samsung Galaxy S , its name Galaxy S II. There are only three words to describe this new cool stuff  - vivid, fast and slim 

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