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3 July 2011

030711. sunday.

Hello fellows, here comes another update should be a short one. I guess u guys will be lazy to read if i write too much!  At this time i suppose having facial, too bad its full! hmm...should call up earlier for booking next time, so please pimples im begging you to wait one more week. Obviously i cut my hair on friday night..i got much of good comments thru y'all, im happy and love all of your comments in FB!  Some of you might asking, why u wanna cut it off? Thought you say wanna have it longer? Okay, let me explain a little..first of all, i choose to cut it off is i felt having long hair is quite a harass for me, blow drying, curling, straightening..urrghh!  Im enough for all that. Perhaps, having short hair will make me look fresher plus cleaner..haha Cause im not fair kind lady. Ultimately i am so in love with short hair now! Hi5 who having short hair now!
I dyed a new hair color too, but too bad i not sure what the color seems like is a few colors combination. sorry guys.
Tell u what, my eyebrow trimmed! Yeah!! Super happy!! Greatly appreciated Joie Khor and also Zac Bong (BigHead Studio)


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