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6 July 2011


To me, life is just like a match. People says do not care about the winning or losing in the game, only care about the process. Im pretty agree on it. We do things wrong sometimes...whether is intend to be or not, thing will past for sure. The only thing that need is time..right? No matter how is the result, is still you. You will win, but u might lose too..everything has both side. If you push too hard u might fall, do whatever you can rather than give yourself too much of pressure until you can't take a breath and saying that life is never sucks unless u make it sucks. Is all in your hand your heart. Remember, happy moment will not stay forever and so do sad moment. Just like wound...pain will go once recover right? That's it! So cheer guys! Don't think about those thing that never change, look forward on what to do next.


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