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10 July 2011


 Bonjour everybody! My life goes on with love this week. LOL Actually there is nothing special happen in this week...the only big this is the gathering at felix's place. Is kinda boring right? I feel it too... 
Don't know why my house suddenly comes a big rain..i posted on fb status...seems other place having a big hot sun...why huh? It's really kinda heavy u know? But i love rain...hehe so please don't stop! Actually we planned wanna down to kl for shopping spree...but end up with the "bersih" thing mess up our plan with the choo's family.  So is another boring weekend thou...went singk with my double love on friday night, and then saturday went queensbay and night headed to felix's place at The View for gathering...that's it. Ewwww....boring. But there's some great time too laa...such as having lots of laugh in the gathering, see them fooling around! Those guys are good in making jokes!

my double love. xoxo
 kisssssssss! haha
alright, the padini's fitting room
  Felix kong's place

can u see Penang bridge? camera cheap 1... ><
I only bought this! Guys cloth nicer nowadays... aikss... 

End, gonna off to facial session! Weeeeeeee...             


winnie said...

nice dress~!!!

anerly said...

thanks winnie :)

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