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13 July 2011

day dreaming, nonsense

Everyday wake up in the morning feeling like a half dead body..thinking that how wonderful if can sleep more awhile..urrghh! Work for better future is the only reason i wake up on time every morning! :) I bet y'all having the same thought right? I was wondering..why is it everyday got so many thing to decide..decide what's today's lunch, what cloth to wear, what shoe to wear, what bag to match, which place to hang out, bla bla blaaa...This is life...but, aren't life can be easy? Hmmm...guess this is the future that we want! Shopping without checking the price tag...i dreamt of this since small! Hahaha! How awesome it is! Unfortunately it still have long long way to go...I used to have much of silly wishing...wishing that im a top student in school, and become a big doctor in future! This is ridiculous! End now doing account...LOL
Do you know i learnt hairdressing? Yes i did! Took this course for 8months, with a quite satisfied graduate art work! Won prize on it too! hehehe..thanks to my lovely model miss jialin tye. She is awesome! I learnt hairdressing for my own..syok sendiri!! I know how to cut hair styling hair and everything okay! Who want to let me do haircut? Don't run away~ i really can  !!
End here dreaming end 


venus said...

cut for me?

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